May 29, 2010

Six Senses Saturday & Other Mish Mash

Ladies and gentlemen (gentleman? I'm not sure any dudes read this beside Valerio and occasionally my brother) today is a rough Saturday for me. All of my senses are currently tied up in trying very very hard not to feel this bitch of a hangover that I have.

I didn't even drink that much last night! I blame Kapital. Kapital gave me a hangover. Bring me to Kapital once, shame on you. Bring me to Kapital twice, shame on me. Bring me to Kapital a third time? Well, I must be a masochistic idiot, because I don't understand why I keep going back.

I should explain. Kapital is the biggest nightclub in Madrid. It has seven floors, which include, but are not limited to, the karaoke floor, the Bacardi lounge, the casino/hookah bar, the hip hop mezzanine, and the latin floor. Plus the enormous main dance floor which features a stage occupied by scantily clad theme-costumed dancers, both male and female - last night there was a "nurse" and a "policeman," last time there were "geishas" and "breakdancers." I use quotes because, well, the "costumes" were sort of a stretch. Going to Kapital is no ordinary nightclub experience. It is seriously taxing. Aside from all the dancing you do, to so many different kinds of music that your rhythm is seriously impaired for a couple of says after, you spend so much of the night going up and down seven flights of stairs, trying to find your friends in one of the seemingly endless rooms, that the next morning you feel like you spend the whole night on a stairmaster.

Two weeks ago I point blank refused to go back (I had gone for the second time just the weekend before), and when there was talk of going last night, my friend Emilie and I started digging our heels in. But by the end of dinner our resistance had been worn thin, and it seemed that everyone was going whether we came or not - there were people visiting Madrid and they wanted to see Kapital before the left - so we eventually agreed to go.

It wasn't not fun, but I am definitely never going back there. Kapital three times in as many months is enough for a lifetime.

Right Now I'm...

Vitamin C water. It's pretty much all I can handle at the moment.

The lingering, not to mention revolting, smell of cigarette smoke 
that permeates everyone's clothes after a night in Kapital. Ew.

Remarkably clearly, considering the intensity of my hangover headache.

Amazing free music - in this case calm, relaxing music with the volume turned down - using spotify
It's like having the wold's biggest itunes collection, 
in a program you download. Awesome!
(download it and try it - you can thank me later!)

My amazing, comfortable (thrifted YSL!) dressing gown - the best lounge wear.

Like some very loud, stompy children are playing a game of dodgeball inside my brain, 
and simultaneously kicking me in the stomach.

What are your senses doing today?


In other news, I have been tagged by beh-LEHN to do a fun photo game. I have to go to the eight folder of photos I have on my computer, and pick the eighth photo, post it, and tell the story behind it.

This is Rima, Barbara and Me (from left to right) at Saint Sulpice, a bar in Montreal, in the early fall of 2003. We had just started at McGill, and we were getting to know the city that would be our wonderful home for four glorious years.  I have no idea why our facial expressions are so different. Rima seems so happy, Barbara seems pretty annoyed, and I look kind of uncomfortable. I wonder what was going on there. It's also weird to see how we all look so different yet the same as we did seven years ago. We were only eighteen - wee little lasses!

Here, compare to the end of university:

Here we are at graduation, four years later, looking decidedly older and more mature (and in my case, about fifteen pounds pudgier! Thank god I lost all that fourth year exam stress weight as soon as I came to Europe!). Isn't is weird to see how you change as you get older and how you stay the same?

Apparently I'm supposed to tag eight people to do this photo thing as well, but writing this post alone was a monumental effort for me today, considering my pitiful condition, so I'm going to skip that part.

Don't blame me, blame Kapital!

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Mrs. Dontje said...

ohhhh i loved kapital when i was there. but that was a VERY different time in my life... i'm sure i would have a very different experience now like you had. :))

leigh ashley said...

no linky today?? hope you feel better! :)

Laura said...

Love this Saturday blog! :) so, I used it on mine and mentioned you! :) Hope you don't mind!! thanks!!!

leigh ashley said...

hey julia! i left you an award on my blog today!

have a good day!! :)