May 26, 2010

Napping in Three Acts

Act I

Time: 11:30 am
Location: Teacher's Room
Cast:  Julia
           James' Chocolate Birthday Cake

Scene I

Yesterday was my coworker James' birthday, so this morning he brought in a birthday cake to share with the other teachers. Lauren, our other coworker, wasn't coming in 'til after lunch, so she asked me to save her a piece. So I went into the teacher's room - which I rarely ever use - and after cutting Lauren's slice of cake, and eating a little bit myself, I realize how hauntingly quiet the room is. I say hauntingly, because if you've ever worked in a school, you'll know that almost nowhere within one hundred feet of campus is quiet. So finding a cool, silent, undisturbed spot just as I was starting my break was nothing short of a miracle. I sat down in a folding chair, propped up my feet, and started reading. Soon enough, my eyes were fluttering shut, my head started bobbing, and I eventually leaned my head onto the back of the chair and fell asleep. For twenty glorious undisturbed minutes! In the middle of a school day! I woke up refreshed and ready for my rowdy three-year-olds.

Act II

Time: 1:30 pm
Location: Library
Cast: Julia
         Lauren's Slice of Cake
         Two other Spanish teachers

Scene I

After lunch, I usually go sit in the park and try to soak up some rays and relax a little beyond the reach of the children's lunch-time shrieking. But today it was a little windy, and neither of my regular park buddies were around, so I decided to head to the library to read a bit before class started at 2:00. James is also reading at a table, and Lauren is sitting next to me, looking longingly at the delicious-smelling cake which she decided to save for later. The two Spanish teachers are at the computer, typing something into a spreadsheet, and reciting an endless list of digits. Again, it's a cool, relatively quiet room, and the chanting of numbers is having a sort of hypnotic effect on me. Again, I try to read my book, but my lids start feeling heavy and my head in nodding forward. I eventually give in, and rest my head on my arms on the table. This time I only managed to get about ten minutes of shut eye - the constant stream of out loud numbers eventually got annoying. But still, a little after lunch nap? Not too shabby!


Time: 4:15 pm
Location: 512 Bus
Cast: Julia
        An extremely loud woman on a cellphone, sitting right behind me
        Various other bus riders

Scene I

Wednesdays are usually my afternoon from hell, because I end with a class of five-year-old little monsters followed by a class of two-year-old anarchists. Needless to say, it's usually a rough ride home and I often find myself wishing I could teleport back to by bedroom. But today I had a remarkable amount of energy. The
five-year-olds I bribed with some clips of old Disney movies, and the two-year-olds were in the playground. I had all these grand plans to go to the gym and then go to the track by my house and run 5k. The minute I sit down on the bus, I start to get sleepy. I think it rocks in a way that mimics the effects of Valium, because it is virtually impossible for me to get on that bus home and not fall asleep - even with music and a book. I'm reading, when for the third time today I feel my eyes closing, and at this point I know better not to fight it - I just let my chin sink into my chest, and I sleep for fifteen wonderful minutes. I eventually get woken up by the bus lurching into the station, and all the other impatient passengers elbowing me to get by.


I know I talk a lot about being tired - occupational hazard - but I cannot for the life of me remember that last day that I accidentally napped three times in one day! And you know what? I'm still exhausted! I think my bedtime is shaping up to be right around sundown today.

Have any great naps recently?

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Jamie said...

Napping is GLORIOUS!!! My day is ruined if I don't get a nap in on my morning commute. And the other day I even managed to get a solid nap in on my commute home AND go to bed early. I don't fight it when my body tells me I need to sleep. Usually it's me telling my body it DOESN'T need to sleep. Ha!

leigh ashley said...

i have such a hard time taking naps... i think it's the daylight. just can't do it. sounds like reading puts you right to sleep!! :)

LovelyBee said...

I double, triple heart naps!

I try to nap at least 3 times a week; seriously I am sleep deprived so whenever I can squeeze in some shut-eye is totally awe..........wait for it..........Some! :)

Julia said...

I am not a power napping fan. My love affair with napping is bittersweet. This is because I am more of a sleep-for-4-hours type of napper. I love those naps. I cherish them. But I NEVER feel rested when I wake up. I walk around in a dream like state. And when that dose of nappage finally registers in my brain, I cannot, for the life of me, fall asleep at a decent bed time.

I love that you leave your school for a quiet break during the day. That's just not possible for me!