May 23, 2010

Life is Good

I've always considered myself a glass half full person. Even in royally crappy situations I somehow manage to find a silver lining.

Is it sometimes annoying to the people around me when I won't let them wallow in their misery? Maybe.

But it's certainly an attitude that I'm thankful to have.

And this video really sums it up. This little girl is amazing.

Seriously, watch this. You can thank me later.

Oh man, don't you just want to hang out with this little girl all day? I bet she's a riot! I love spunky, spirited children!

All my love of optimism is also why I was so happy and touched when Mrs. Dontje, of Driving With Mrs. Dontje, gave me the Life is Good Award.

{1} what do you do when you're bored? Watch some episodes of my  favorite tv shows, or settle in with a great book.

{2} are you an autumn or a spring? definitely spring - I love the flowers, the smells, the newness of everything after winter, and the anticipation of summer. Plus living through four years of never-ending Canadian winters really makes you appreciate spring!

{3} quick! you're stuck at an airport for hours and the only options are crossword puzzles or an old novel that nobody's heard of. which one do you pick? probably the novel. I love reading unheard of books and discovering gems. If I start reading it and it turns out to be terrible, maybe I'll move onto the crossword and set the book aside for later.

{4} jane austen or emily bronte? Jane Austen.

{5} do you feel prepared for the five other questions coming your way? why not?

{6} who's your hero? I've never really had a hero, or one specific person that I looked up to growing up.

{7} favorite word? oooh, good question. I love "frolic," "symposium," "meringue," and "apoplectic." But those are only some of my favorites.

{8} are you one of those "checklist" people or are you a "wing it and hope everything goes well" sort of person? I make too many lists for my own good. I even make lists of lists! Checking off something on your to-do list is just such a satisfying feeling!

{9} what phrase has stuck with you in your life? "Live and let live." It's my motto, and a phrase I think not enough people live by.

{10} if you were to choose between coffee and tea, which would you go with? Probably tea. Don't get me wrong, I love coffee, but there are lots of times when I don't really want it. A nice steamy cup of strongly brewed Earl Grey with a dash of milk? I'm always up for that. Plus there are endless varieties of tea - you can never get bored with it!

And Life is Good goes to:




Mademoiselle Deva



All these ladies make me smile and remember that life is good :)

And seriously. Watch that video. It's amazing.


leigh ashley said...

oh my gosh... i almost never watch videos that people post, but this was AWESOME! what is it that she says at the beginning though... "i can be a..."

CONGRATS on your award! :)

Neely said...

That little girl is fantastic! I would like to hang with her :)

I need to be more optimistic

Have a fab day!

Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

Julia!!! Thank so much for the award, but most of all, THANK YOU FOR SHARING this amazing video!!!! I'm doing a new thingy on my Facebook page for my 'Thank You' Project where I post various inspiring videos on Saturdays, so this definately goes there :)) THANK YOU!!!

Mademoiselle Deva said...

Sweetie congratulations on your award and thank you so much!!! I love this little award and the Q&A! I will be doing it definitely on my next post!

bisous ma belle!

littledaisymay said...

What a sweet little girl :)

I love making lists too!

Sam said...

She is the sweetest, cutest little thing! I hope my future children are as enthusiastic about life as she! If ever anyone is feeling down, they should watch this video. Instant smile and good mood!

Dorkys Ramos said...

I saw the video a couple days ago and that little girl is too much! If she continues to live her life like this there will be no stopping her (or at least she won't suffer from eating disorders or poor self-esteem).

And lists are also my fave :)

Angie said...

I happened to find your blog from the Fabbrunette blog, and realised that we both posted the same video... isn't this the greatest video ever! Truly fantastic, now I am going to peruse your blog!

:: Gina :: said...

wow .

that little spirit just kicked off my Monday, fantastically!

kimmyskawaiikitchen said...

that is SO amazingly cute!
hahaha pretty sure that just made my day

Lisa said...
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Lisa said...

I love the video! And thank you so much for the award! :) Life IS good! :)