May 19, 2010

Hump Day? They Should Call it Slump Day!

Wednesdays are rough for me. I have a full schedule of all ages, and my class of five-year-old hellions is in the afternoon, which means I leave school feeling completely and utterly drained of all energy and will to live. Today I fell asleep on the bus and almost got driven all the way back to school, which would have sucked a lot.

I was so exhausted I couldn't even muster the energy to think about going to the gym, let alone actually go. But luckily I made plans to go running this evening with my friend Meghan, so I have a couple of hours this afternoon to recoup a bit before I get my daily work out. There's nothing like kicking back with the newest episode of Glee, getting super excited about Neil Patrick Harris guest starring, and tracing the pattern for a simple summer dress to really relax and shrug off the day's stress. Then later on I'll go for a nice run and sweat out whatever residual "ugh" I have left over. The plus side of Wednesday is that it's almost Thursday, and Thursday is almost Friday, which for me is a half day. So I guess I'm happy to be two thirds done with my work week :).


In other news, Monday I got a lovely surprise. A blog award from BlovelyBee, over at Bee's Diaries. She thinks I'm stylish! I feel so fancy now that I have this awesome

The rules say that I have to tell you five random facts about myself, and then pass on the award to five other blogs I think are stylish.
  • A much as I love getting professional manicures (it's so indulgent!) I also really love painting my own nails. I'll put aside an hour or so to really do a good job, play a couple of episodes of something in the background, and it's really relaxing. Plus it doesn't suck to have nice nail or save twelve euro. That's like two cocktails!
  • I can never not finish a book. Even if it's horrible, there's some unknown force pushing me to the end. And it's not even to see if the story will eventually redeem itself in the ending. I just can't not finish it.
  • I love to make lists. But you probably already new that, since I have a whole side bar list dedicated exclusively to the list I've written. I also have lists of recipes and and of Photo Essays. So yeah, listing stuff is fun.
  • I love black licorice. Black licorice is one of those you love it or you hate it things - I've never met anyone who's said, "Black licorice? Meh..." - and I love it!
  • I know all the words to the Copa Cabana. And somewhere in the world (hopefully in a box of my stuff) there is a video of a very inebriated me singing it at a karaoke bar, cheered on by three of my girlfriends, Valentines Day, 2005. What a night, let me tell you. Total Eclipse of the Heart, anyone?
So there you have it. Five totally random facts about me. Now onto the blogs I'd like to pass it on to. This is a Stylish Blog award, so I'd like to give it to five people who I think have very stylish layouts and headers, since style is usually an aesthetic characteristic.

for her adorable little polka dots clouds and the cute pinstriped "tape"

because I love anything in the style of alphonse mucha

for her classic, elegant style

not just for her beautiful header, but for all her gorgeous paintings

for her beautiful photos and inspiring thoughts

These ladies have style going on!


Neely said...

Wednesdays are just tough...its the day you realize you are still a ways from Friday....

Amanda said...

Awww yay!! Thank you!!

i-zilla said...

thank you so much! i'm happy you think i have style! i promise to post about this this week and pass on the love!