May 20, 2010

Gold Grosgrain Ribbon Bow Belt

I was browsing through my Google Reader the other day, looking for cute spring craft projects and I came across this adorable grosgrain ribbon belt on Ruffles and Stuff. I really wanted to make one, since I'm going through sort of a belt craze - they're perfect with cute dresses! - but I couldn't find any fun fake flowers at the dollar store. Then when I was at the merceria buying the D-rings, I saw some super cute gold grosgrain ribbon, and I thought that it would make an adorable belt, but that maybe a gold and flowers would be too much. So I bought a meter and a half of ribbon and decided to make a bow belt!

I wanted to put the bow on the rings, like Disney does with the flowers, but the ribbon was just too narrow and the rings showed underneath. So I put the bow on the end of the loose belt end and devised a little system with snaps so that the bow would stay clipped to the belt!

The only teensy downside is that the D-rings are visible on the side, but it's a small price to pay for making such a cute belt (at the ridiculously low production cost of 2.35 euro!) on the first try.

In fact I also bought some dark grey and beige grosgrain ribbons to make belts in different colors - these are so cheap and easy you can make one to match every outfit!

Ruffles and Stuff has the tutorial for how to make hers, but maybe when I make the other ones I'll post a tutorial on how to make the snap-on bow!


leigh ashley said...

that's adorable julia!! you're so crafty!!

my name is lauren. said...

this is so so cute julia! love it :).

Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

Julia, this is soo pretty!!!!!