May 18, 2010

Brand New Little Baby Marta!


Until last night, my cousin Valeria was nine months pregnant and one week overdue! Finally last night, at 2:20 am, I got the text saying that the little baby decided to make her grand entrance into this wonderful world! Little baby Marta is 3.4 kg and 49.5 cm (which would be 7.49 lbs and 19.48 inches) - perfectly perfect average measurements for a perfectly perfect healthy baby! I can't wait to meet her!

Welcome to your life, brand new little baby Marta!
I love you already!

p.s. This is the little baby I made this for:

Isn't she going to look just precious in that? I'll get her mom to send me a picture as soon as she wears it for the first time so we can all see how she looks! :)


Dorkys Ramos said...

Congrats to the new family and hello to the healthy new baby :)

leigh ashley said...

yay!! congrats to your cousin!!

LiLu said...

Ahhhh congrats!

Those little feet need adorable little shoes :-)

Erin said...

congrats! What a little sweeite! I think Marta is a lovely name.

BarelyVogue said...

OMG! Congrats to teh dearest cousin Valeria. Hope the mom and Baby are doing good. Hugs and kisses to the little princess


Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

Woohoo, Happy Birthday to the new baby! Welcome to the world :)