April 13, 2010

Skirty Stuff

So remember this fabric?

And remember how I said I wanted to make something cute out of it? Well I finally did! I made two skirts.

(I'd like to take this moment to apologize for the truly horrendous quality of these photos. It's night time, my flash is being finicky, and I really don't have the patience to set up some good lighting).

I made a funky high-waisted full skirt with the stripes:

and a slightly more demure pleated skirt with the grey:
(although the pleats are a little hard to see, and not ironed)

Cute, eh?

I just hope I don't look stupid when they actually make an appearance in public, and not just as a vision in my head. Especially the stripy one - is it faintly reminiscent of Beetle Juice, or is it just me?

If anyone is interested in some sort of tutorial or step-by-step post - I differentiate between the two because I wouldn't want anyone to assume that my step-by-step post would be on the same level as a tutorial by a more expert sewer - for the grey skirt, let me know and I'll post it, since I put it together myself with no pattern. I'm thinking of making another one (with bigger pleats) in a different color, so I'll take pictures of that process (I didn't think to photograph this one). The instructions for the stripy full skirt you can find here.

Anyhoo, today the kids really took it out of me. I think it was the weather. I have no energy for a longer post, or anything else productive, so it's back to streaming video and eating left-overs for me!


cfoxes said...

I think the skirts are so cute!

Crystal said...

I love both the skirts -- great job! A tutorial for the gray skirt would be much appreciated.

No One Reads The Copy said...

They have a skirt on sale at Anthropologie that looks almost like the first one!! Gorgeous!

Micaela said...

julia, you are SO talented!!! i love the stripe skirt cos i think a tucked in shirt would look pretty with the neat little waist.

because it's YOU :) i'll tell you where i got the necklace from... clearanced at Hot Topic! i went there looking for a jacob shirt (twilight) and saw it. i believe hot topic has a website :) but i bet... i bet you could make one! look at this skirt you made!!!!


ps. you can't go wrong with the Beatlest! THANKS for the lyrics :)

leigh ashley said...

so cute... i would totally wear both of them, but i especially like the stripey one! i wish i could sew...

ps. stop by my bloggy. there's a little somthin' for you on today's post! ;)

Maureen said...

Love it- am definitely going to make one similar to your stripey one with some fabric sitting around my house. If you don't mind, I would LOVE a simple pattern/tutorial on the grey one! :)