April 18, 2010

A Skirty Dilemma

So I at first I was going to make another pleated skirt, like the grey one I made last week, and post a tutorial for that. But then I started making a totally different skirt, and I figured, hey, why not post a tutorial for this one instead? I was all ready to write and post that tutorial today, but then, I realized that while making the skirt, I had taken a bunch of photos that were just horrible. I'm not even sure I can tell what they are by looking at them, let alone someone who would actually be trying to use them as a guide. Partly because I suck at taking pictures of what I'm sewing (although I've seen what my weaknesses are so next time I can work on them) and partly because this skirt is a tad more complicated to explain, I'm hesitant to write and post the tutorial for the bias cut circle skirt. So now I think I'm back to my original plan of making another pleated skirt, and posting a tutorial for that one. But I obviously haven't made it yet, so you won't get the tutorial for that skirt until I do.

So I thought I would leave the decision up to you, dear readers.

This is the Bias Cut Circle Skirt I made this weekend:

If you are interested in making this, and consider yourself a good enough sewer to follow my crappy directions and my even crappier photos, leave me a comment letting me know, and I'll be happy to whip up the tutorial for how I made it (perhaps not the orthodox way to make this type of skirt, but a way that worked well enough for me) and post it in the next couple of days.

This is the pleated skirt I made last week:

If you had your heart set on making this one, and would still like me to make and post a tutorial, let me know in a comment, and I'll work on the skirt this coming week, and try to post the tutorial by next weekend. 

The reason I'm writing and asking you all of this is that I'd rather not spend the next few hours writing up a tutorial people might not understand for a skirt no one wants to make. But I'm happy to do it if people actually want it. So pretty much, if you're interested in making one of these, and would like me to post a tutorial, let me know. Depending on which skirt you want, the quality of the tutorial, and the date by which you'll have it may vary.

UPDATE: Since I made a couple of skirts from patterns I found online, I thought I would link up to the tutorials, so you guys could give them a look.

The Stripy High-Waist Full Skirt:

Go here for the tutorial.

The Gathered Jersey Skirt:

Go here for the tutorial (although the scalloped edge was my addition :)

Thanks for being so patient with me, guys! 
I love you to pieces!


Sally Ann said...
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Sally Ann said...

I would love to make the pleated skirt, please post a tutorial!

leigh ashley said...

julia... it's darling!! i so wish i had a sewing machine! i would make cute skirts like this! you're so talented!! :)

The Lly Dilettante said...

Lovely skirts. You're so talented!

Kelly L said...

I looooove the jersey skirt (I am paranoid about my legs so I like longer skirts). Unfortunately I don't sew... but one of my BFFs does so I sent her the link and was all "can you make me this? please and thank you." Hee hee.

Jess said...

I wish I had a sewing machine right now. I love the jersey skirt!

Maureen said...

I'd rather see the pleated one... if you would be so kind as to share it... I've made one like that before but a fresh tutorial wouldn't hurt! Thank you!

Valerio said...

brava amore mio!!!