April 24, 2010

Six Senses Saturday

So last night instead of going out, I stayed home and finished up my Mother's Day present for my mom, and I was in bed by midnight (I was tired, it was a long week). But I figured that because I was going to be early, I would be waking up nice and early, and have the whole day to do stuff.

I just woke up. It's 3:30 pm. Apparently I was tired, and I really needed to sleep.

No worries though. Here stores are open until late, and it doesn't get dark until 9:15 pm, so I have plenty of time to run all my errands.

But seriously, if I had written this post half an hour ago, it might as well have been another fill-in the blank friday, since my senses were doing a whole lot of nothing.

(Unless dreaming counts. I was having some pretty crazy dreams, featuring the bad guy from the mask, lots of money in cash, fancy hotel rooms, and guns. I guess I was writing my own action movie!)

Right now I'm...

Coconut yogurt and some milk chocolate digestive cookies
(it seems that I'm always having breakfast when I write this!)

Not much of anything. I'm still pretty congested. 

A lovely afternoon in front of me, 
consisting of a long walk, and a bunch of fun errands!

The wind tunneling through the space between the buildings.
A stack of five of the used books that I bought two weeks ago, which I've already finished,
because when I have a craving to read, I devour books!

Like my cold is sticking around again, 
but it's nothing a brisk walk outdoors can't fix!


What are your senses doing right now? 


Margarita said...

So lovely! The weather is yucky outside again so I'm retreating indoors and cleaning today!


Cole said...

feel better already lady! lol I'm saying this to myself too. :) I think a long walk sounds good.

kaye said...

I love your 6 senses saturday idea!!!

leigh ashley said...

your dream sounds john dellingerish... very cool. :)

is coconut yogurt good?? sounds very interesting!!

Simply Me said...

I love your new meme and ill surely drop in to participate this weekend !! i hope you're having a great week :)