April 17, 2010

Six Senses Saturday

Yesterday we had Fill-in The Blank Friday, which means that today it's time for round two of Six Senses Saturday! Last week when I did it some people told me the loved the idea and would start doing it too, so I added a McLinky. But that means you guys have to do it and link up! There's nothing more embarrassing than adding a McLinky and having no one link up :)

So do... for me? Come on, it'll be fun! Take the logo too! Or make your own! Whatever. Just join in!

Right now I'm...

Breakfast: A cup of Earl Grey, a multi grain croissant 
(much less "healthy-gross" than it sound because I stuffed with a little bit of chocolate!), 
a banana, and some yogurt.

The yummy almond oil Aveeno body lotion I bought in Rome
(which is starting to run low, and I have no idea where to go to replace it!)

The ginormous almost-as-tall-as-me pile of clean laundry 
sitting on a chair that I have yet to fold and put away
(aka the bane of my existence)

 My roommates and their friend being incredibly loud right in front of my bedroom door
(which is actually what woke me up this morning... grr)

 The almost-completed skirt I have to finish sewing and taking pictures of today for my upcoming tutorial!
(It's going to be different pattern from the grey pleated skirt, but I hope you'll like it anyway!)

A little bit restless, with a side of cabin fever 
(from all the "resting" I've been doing since I've been sick),
but at the same time, lazy and unmotivated to actually go do something.
I'll probably resolve this problem by doing something productive, like sewing, indoors.


So there's round two for you guys! A short and simple Saturday meme for all of you to participate in!

What are your senses doing today?


Erin said...

Your breakfast sounds delightful! Good luck on that laundry pile, I'll be tackling mine tomorrow!

Cole said...

What a fun post! And such a cute blog. I'm your newest follower.


Anasthaesium said...

Here I come from a long vacation and you are still out there whipping out amazing posts ;).. nice post!

and this ones for you ..long overdue :D


Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

Wow, sewing your own skirt? That's impressive! :)

my name is lauren. said...

i'm going to do this right now! i didn't have time yesterday! i didn't forget though :).