April 19, 2010

The Pots With A Purpose

So my supermarket carries these two-packs of little pots of goat's milk yogurt, which I've discovered I love. That, combined with the fact that while taking these stupid antibiotics for my stupid pharyngitis I have to eat a lot of yogurt (something about probiotics), has resulted in me having a bunch of little glass pots, that are too cute and too numerous for me to feel comfortable throwing them away.

A while back I only had a few, but now I have eleven empty ones, and other three in the fridge still waiting to be eaten and emptied out! I found practical uses for two of the jars, but I still had a bunch left over, and I couldn't figure out what to do with them! Finally I had an idea. I had all these extra jars, and all this extra ribbon!
I know you didn't need three photos to get the picture, but ribbon is so pretty

But I had all my ribbon in this plastic bag where it was getting all tangled and messy and impossible to sort through when I needed some. So I thought, why not put each different type of ribbon in its own little jar? And believe me, I had enough jars!

But apparently I need to get some variety in my ribbon! Only black, white, and grey, in different sizes! The only reason I still have pink is because I had a bunch left over from when I made my cousin a dress for her soon-to-be-born baby girl! But at the rate I'm going through these yogurts, I'll have plenty of empty jars for the next time I go on a ribbon spree!


leigh ashley said...

you're like the cutest ever! these are darling and even more darling with the ribbon!!

b.a.s. said...

Julia, so creative. I love your blog!! Thanks for stopping by, have the best Monday. xo