April 6, 2010

I'm a Travelin' Gal

Well, I'm back on a plane. I feel like I've practically been living either on a plane or out of a suitcase for the last six months. And this is my ninth flight in last last ten months. I'm getting pretty tired of the Ryan Air in-flight advertising for smokeless cigarettes, calling cards, duty free products and lottery tickets. Just because they have a captive audience doesn't mean they need to take advantage of it and fill every moment of silence with advertising. It's especially dull because I get to hear it in Italian, English and Spanish. Which also totally eliminates any possibility of napping, since they're constantly yapping into the PA system. And three euro for a measly cup of tea? Don't even get my started on that. It's a single little teabag and water... they must be making a ten thousand percent profit on each cup. It would be borderline acceptable if all their flights were as cheap as they advertise. But those elusive twenty euro tax-free tickets are rarer than they seem. This round trip ticket was almost two hundred euro, and that's only because I returned today (the Tuesday, rather than the Monday) after Easter. If I had come back yesterday I would have paid almost twice as much, thanks to them taking advantage of the holiday rush.

But hey, I shouldn't really complain, right? I mean my alternative is actually paying twice as much for a ticket on a regular (not low-cost) flight, and probably having to pay extra for my checked luggage anyway (although maybe the flight crew would be a little more courteous). And if I'd lived a hundred years ago, to make this trip I'd probably be facing a week-long steamer ride across the Mediterranean, and at least a full day on the train across Spain. 

Two and a half hours of cheapish Ryan Air hell are still preferable to any alternative. And hey, they even let you keep the in-flight magazine (which is totally not just one giant advertisement for Ryan Air sponsors)! Score!

Well, it seems as though they've reached a lull in the constant advertising. I'm going to (probably unsuccessfully) try to get in a little shut eye before we land, since I'm facing a full day at work today – if I manage to get there on time – and I'm running on about three hours of sleep right now.

I'll be back tomorrow, hopefully better rested and with a more positive attitude :)


leigh ashley said...

i totally agree! when we start getting those 70 degree days mixed in with snow, it messes with my head! i think it either needs to snow about 3' or be 70 degrees! :) madrid weather sounds nice... is it humid?

Aunt of 14 said...

Ohhhh where to next??