April 29, 2010

I Occasionally Like To Make Lists: Lists I've Made In The Last Week


Have you guys stopped by Secret Society of List Addicts? It's pretty addictive. Especially because I'm a big list maker myself, and so I like to see what other people are putting in bullet form or numerical order.

This next one is actually a list that I stole from the Secret Society: A List of Lists!

(Isn't "list" one of those words that starts looking really weird after you type it a bunch of times?)

1. List of Things to Take Care of for Grad School: e-mail FAFSA, get in touch with financial aid office, e-mail modification for housing applications, research private low-interest student loans (any suggestions? I haven't done this one yet!)
2. List of Groceries to Buy: Milk, yogurt, whole wheat bread, asparagus, cherimoya, Earl Grey tea.
3. List of Sewing Stuff to Buy: Fun print fabric for a secret something I'm sewing for Valerio, striped navy and white tank (to be cut up and made part of a dress), navy fabric, white fabric, coordinating thread,
4. List of Stuff to Buy for Me: Every day flip-flops, socks and underwear, light cotton dress.
5. List of Future Sewing Projects: Nautical dress, Valerio's secret something, grey and black big stripes tank dress, make up case.
6. List of Shows to Catch Up On: Glee, Desperate Housewives, How I Met Your Mother, Brothers & Sisters, The Tudors, 30 Rock, Californication.
7. List of Stuff to Get at the Stationery Store: Fountain pen ink cartridges, mechanical pencils.

And I'm done. Apparently I have a lot of stuff I have to be doing and buying this week! I'm a busy little bee! Plus I have a dinner on Friday and a birthday party on Saturday, so I'll probably be soon making a list of things I have to buy to bring to each party. Thank goodness I got paid today! :)

What lists have you been making this week?


JP said...

I always make lists so I don't forget things... then lose the list.


Charlie Robbins said...

If you're into lists check out http://nirvanahq.com. It's a webapp based on the GTD (getting things done) philosophy and super-easy to make and manage lists (that they call 'projects').

It's also made by a bunch of Montreal natives so +1 to the Quebecois I suppose.

p.s. When are you getting to NYC?

Sam Liu said...

I too am a compulsive list maker, I feel it really helps to organise things. It seems that bullet points make sense of the world :D

leigh ashley said...

oh my gosh... i make lists for EVERYTHING. and i find them EVERYWHERE!! :)

Sadako said...

I'm working on my bucket list.

Here it is.

1. Make bucket list.

Alyssa said...

everyday i make a to do list. then the next day i realise that i have not done anything on previous day list so start new days list with yesterdays list plus everything else that needs to be done. this goes on and on and on.

Then i freak out. Do it all.

And then Monday the list starts again.

Pia said...

I LOVE lists!
It's one of the best feelings to have finished a whole list of things you had to do!