April 20, 2010

. . . I Could Use a Naptism


I wish I could nap with these two. That kitty looks positively blissful!


Apparently between pharyngitis and a round of heavy duty antibiotics my immune system is so down in the dumps that all it took for me to become mind-numbingly congested overnight was a couple of snotty little kids sneezing on me yesterday.

All day I've felt like there's someone jack-hammering cotton balls into my sinuses, and it is not a nice feeling.So I came home, had a snack, and went to bed. Apparently my body wasn't ready to give up dinner and sleep through the night, so I woke up, had some chicken soup and orange juice, and now that I've eaten, no amount of money in the world could keep me out of bed. There's something to be said for afternoon naps that turn into night time sleep. So glorious.


leigh ashley said...

bummer! hope you feel much better soon!!

Cole said...

oh no. I'm in the same boat but with a cough that just won't quit.get some rest and feel better.

The Lly Dilettante said...

Get well soon.

i-zilla said...

yuck that sounds terrible! i hope you get better soon!

p.s. i had one of those naps this past weekend without even meaning to. it was amazing!