April 9, 2010

An American Ex-Pat in Madrid's Jackpot (I'm not talking about money)

I just discovered that the little cafe/intercambio bar across the street from my house is also a Used English Book Store!

You have NO idea how happy I am right now.I finished all the books I brought with me, and .I was seriously craving some literature - good or otherwise. But English language books here in Spain - or rather all new books in general, regardless of language - are prohibitively expensive, and I haven't really come across any used book stores. And even if I had, the books would be in Spanish - good for learning, but not really what I'm looking for in a morning commute or before-bed read.

I bought eight books for twenty euro. That's two-fifty per book. They were practically free! And they had an amazing variety of everything from classics to thrillers to trashy British romance novels - a variety my purchase reflects. It was glorious. Plus the employees were awesome - the girl (who discounted my books from twenty-three euro to twenty) sounded Britishy, and the guy had the craziest Scottish accent. I totally want to be friends with these people!

Plus they have intercambio (like a language exchange event) night once a week, and one euro beers and coffee. I will definitely be going back there plenty of times this spring!

 I can't wait to dig into all the trashy thrillers I bough! Oh, where to begin!

Oh books, I love you so much!


leigh ashley said...

that's awesome! it's so wonderful to find little treasures like that! enjoy your reading! :)

Sam Liu said...

Ahh nothing beats the joy of buying new books, especially at such wonderful prices! All the bookshops where I live are overly, overly expensive.

Happy reading! :)

-city-love- said...

oh how I love a good used book store...