March 8, 2010

Weekly(ish) Photo Essay: Madrileño Architecture

So many people told me that Madrid was awesome, but ugly. I'm pretty sure those people never actually visited Madrid, or have the architectural taste equivalent of extra-wide shoulder pads and pleated pants from the 80s.

Madrid is beautiful. From the spotless streets (they have teams of people cleaning the city 24/7), to the numerous landscaped parks, to the hundreds of adorable Cervecerias, to the Ancient Egyptian Ruins (for real), it is an aesthetically pleasing city. But the architecture really takes the cake. It helps that a few of the buildings actually look like cakes. There is a predominant 1920s Art Deco style of architecture that makes you feel like you're walking around in a  J. Scott Fitzgerald novel.

But enough of my chit chat. See for yourself!



(aren't those tree windows awesome? it's a bank!)

(also a bank. the beautiful wrought iron gates of a bank)

Doesn't this make you want to come and visit me? :)


Brunch girls said...

Just gorgeous!

By the way we love your blog!

Eleonora said...

I'm here via Gina's "Warm Pears," and I just wanted to say that cilantro is another name for CORIANDER, which in Italy is called Coriandolo!
But I guess that doesn't matter, being that you're in stunning Madrid now.
The architecture series is beautiful, crisp vivid images of majestic palacios. Captures the light and Madrileño sky wonderfully.

Glad to have found this blog!

Aglio, Olio & Peperoncino

Julia said...

Julia! (It's so weird writing my name...I've only known 2 other Julia's, personally, in my life. I know you virtually, so it's 3 now.) Madrid really seems beautiful! I'm sure it will get even more beautiful as the weather gets warmer...but the architecture! It's unbelievably fascinating!

Kate said...

what maniac told you madrid was ugly?? i don't know if i can ever trust them.

star said...

Gorgeous pictures! i plan on visiting Spain sometime within the next few years. my ancestry is Spanish, and i have always wanted to go to the place my family comes from.

Kelly L said...

Madrid is one of the few places I have been, and I thought it was absolutely beautiful. I would love to go back someday. Sigh.

Meg said...

Absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for sharing this beautiful photos!

kostas said...

One of the most interesting cities of our planet.
Great architecture,culture+good taste.

sugarlens said...

About a year ago I was in Madrid! It's a beautiful city and I enjoyed every minute of it!

Stopping by from Dry As Toast.

Lucy Paz said...

These photos are beautiful and the architecture in itself is breath-taking! I might be tagging along with my cousin to visit another cousin in Barcelona this summer. But, Madrid is definitely in the itinerary, if ever. I might actually get to see these in person very soon!