March 31, 2010

Weekly(ish) Photo Essay: Italian Vacation Scenery in Three Parts

This is going to be a long one, so get ready!

But it has lots of pretty pictures, so don't fret!

Part One. I've been in Rome for about five days, but I haven't really done anything particularly exciting. Valerio is working until today (in fact tonight we're going away to his house in the pseudo-Tuscan* countryside, yay!), and until now I've pretty much just been relaxing. Sunday Valerio and I took Spike, Valerio's brother's Jack Russell, to Villa Ada (the biggest park in Rome).

 Isn't he adorable? You should have heard the ruckus he caused!

 Spike eating grass, and then getting it stuck in his teeth!

There were tiny little daisies everywhere, all over the park!

There was obviously something he couldn't resist!

 hehe! gotta love that little tail!

a little blurry, but still lovely!

 *By "pseudo-Tuscan" I mean that technically his home is still in Lazio (the region where Rome is), but it's so close to Tuscany (the region where Florence is), and the whole area looks so much like Tuscany, that it's pseudo-Tuscan.

A blurry train window picture of a lovely yellow field.

Part Two. Then yesterday I had to take a little trip up the the beach house to trade in some of my winter clothes for summer ones. I've gotten a lot of comments when talking about the beach house (which sounds a lot fancier than it actually is), so I thought I'd take some pictures from the train on the way there and back, and a few around my beach down - a desperately sad place right now, since it's out of season- to show you what it's all about. And the scenery on the way there and back also has an unusual mix of rich agriculture and vegetation, and dilapidated wintry beach towns that seem like they've been abandoned for decades.

I'm not sure what those tall blurry things are, but they sure are cool looking!

Doesn't this look like it could be some 1950s slum town?

The grey Mediterranean, and a lonely lamp post.

An old villa, unfortunately near the highway.
The blur is a smudge on the train window.

My favorite house in Santa Marinella.
(Believe me, our house looks nothing like this, except that ours is the same pink)

Another insanely huge beach villa. This is just the side with the tower.

A sad wintry beach.

La Briciola, or The Crumb. The name of the teeniest little house in S.M.
It's literally like 15 x 30 feet.

Doesn't this look like it would lead to a secret garden!

The apricot blossoms in our back yard.

These last two are pictures from a couple of years ago.
(Yesterday I didn't get any good ones of the front of the house)
The first is our tree house, in the Eucalyptus tree, with Valerio sleeping on the "second floor"
The second is the front of the house and front garden at Lorenzo's birthday party.

Part Three. When I got back into Rome last night, I was at my cousin Lorenzo's house, making myself a cup of tea, and I saw out of one kitchen window, this perfect cloud, and just below, their neighbor's beautiful little balcony (photos above), and out of the other kitchen window, the most spectacular sunset (below).

I just love how little things of beauty make a day so much more special!


Erin said...

What beautiful pictures! It looks like you're having a great time! That pup is the cutest! We have a Jack Russell too. His looks like he's got some corgi or dachsund or something in him with his short little legs and turned out fee! Just adorable!

EVA said...

Wow, amazing photos, beautiful. Like a dream. I would love to go to Italy, my Grandpa was born there.

JMay said...

Oh my gosh, these pictures are so amazing! I want to be there right now :-)


Jessica said...

I found you via Blogher. Your photos are incredible and it seems you really enjoy travel! We used to live in Europe, now we live in Australia. I look forward to following your blog! ;)

mcc said...

These photos are amazing! :) They've scratched my dormant (or at least I try to keep it dormant) traveling itch...I love the architecture in Italy, it always brings about this uniquely nostalgic feeling. Keep the pics coming! :)

Kelly L said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE these pics, especially of the buildings. I'm a sucker for photos of buildings. I've never really figured out why.

maiylah said...

loved your post!
made me feel like i was just right there, enjoying the day(s) with you. :)
thanks for sharing