March 20, 2010

Putting the Pedal to the Metal

Or rather, pushing the start button. Normally I would have a pedal, but when I tested it out the other day at the store, I think they forgot to put the pedal back in the box. I guess I'll have to go down there to ask for it.

But luckily, my brand new 31 euro sewing machine works with a start button. It has seven stitch options, adjustable tension, a light, and even a reverse stitch - all of which is more than I can say for the 19 euro version that broke. The only downside is that this one is a little heavier, and it cost me 12 euro more, but it's still pretty darn small, so at least that's something.

 Isn't it wee? Can't see it? Well, check it out next to my cup of tea:

It's like the size of three coffee mugs! So cute!

I haven't really sewed anything serious yet, just a bunch of running stitches down some ribbons to make some ruffles to sew onto some stuff - I need to get the hang of sewing again - but I have high hopes for future projects. I've discovered a bunch of fabric stores, and there are dozens of Locutorios (internet cafes) in my neighborhood where I can print out patterns (since I don't have a printer), so who knows, maybe in not so long I'll be sewing up clothes again!

In the mean time, I've whipped up some fun ruffle-y things to jazz up some simple items. I took a little trip to Lefties - a cheap cheap version of Zara - and bought a white t-shirt, a black t-shirt, a tank-top, a cardigan, and a scarf, all for 25 euro, and all super simple and ready to be dressed up. I went down to my local we-have-everything shop (where I bought the sewing machine) and bought a bunch of different ribbon, and I added some form of ruffles to all the items except the scarf, which I like as is. 

I don't have any before pictures, because I forgot to take them, but just imagine everything sans ruffles.

A long grey and white ribbon ruffle all along the edge:

 A plain white t-shirt with some lace flower embellishments:

A grey tank with some black satin ribbon flowers:

A black scoop neck t-shirt with a grey and black new ruffle:

and to top it all off, a little head band:
As usual, excuse the poor quality of the photos. 
The lighting in this hole of room is terrible, 
and there isn't that much natural light today, since it's overcast.

So that's me getting my groove back. I know that all together it seems a little dull - all grey and white and black ruffles - but I was trying out the whole embellishing a simple item to make give it a little pizzaz!

Hopefully soon I'll have some more professional looking things to post! In fact, my afternoon might involve a trip to a fabric store to see what they have!



Sam said...

Love them! Especially the grey tank with black flowers! PS- I updated so my email will show :) I'm curious as to how this works!

Sam said...

Love them! Especially the grey tank with black flowers! PS- I updated so my email will show :) I'm curious as to how this works!

Katie said...

Adorable sewing machine and ruffles! Love it!

No One Reads The Copy said...

What talent! Nice work :)