March 14, 2010

Pi Day

Today is Pi Day. 3.14. March Fourteenth, get it?

(I know, I know, it's pretty lame)

But when I hear Pi, my mind goes straight to Pie. I can't help it. Especially now that I don't have an oven, and I can't even bake a Pie to celebrate Pi day. It's all I can think about.

So sad.

So I thought I'd do the next best thing to actually baking and getting to eat a pie (since I can't even buy a pie since it's Sunday and all the stupid stores are closed). I thought I'd take you and my pie craving along on a little tour of the internet to see the Top Five Pies I'll be baking when I finally have an oven again....... someday. sniff.

5. Meyer Lemon Meringue Pie. I love lemon desserts. Love love love. In the past three months I've managed to make lemon squares twice. Which means that both times (out of not many more) that I actually had access to an oven, I chose to make the same dessert. twice. Instead of taking advantage and making all sorts of baked goods. This one looks so delectable, I'd be willing to offer any one of you boatloads of cash* to make it and sent it to me.

4. Blueberry Peach Pie. Because you can never have too many blueberry pies. I think that's one of the universe's number one rules, or something.

3. Apple Cranberry Pie. Not my favorite (although I would gladly eat like four of these right now), but my mom's favorite. And I would make any pie in the world to be making it in my kitchen at home with my mom right now.

2. Pontchartrain Mile-High Ice Cream Pie.** Ice cream. Covered in a mile of meringue topping. Yum. 'nuff said.

1. Chai Apple-PieCoffe Cake. Ok, so maybe this is more of a cake than a pie. But it looks like a pie, and I love Chai.  Oh God, I'm starting to sound like Dr. Seuss.

Man, I really wish I had an oven. Anyone want to bake me a pie? Please?


* Boatloads of cash I don't have, but you don't have to know that.
** Technically this is a no-bake pie, if I bought the pie crust, so I could technically make it here. But I don't have egg beaters either, so the Meringue would be impossible too.


Alyssa said...

mmm lemon meringue pie!!

i wondered why everyone on twitter was saying happy pi day! thanks for sorting out that mystery! shame i found out a day late... maybe i can do pi day plus one day = two pies?

Margarita said...

I love lemon meringue pie! And key lime... That apple coffee cake looks amazing! I love chai too! I've never thought of putting it with apples!

i-zilla said...

a whole day dedicated to "pie"? you don't have to tell me twice! i'd much rather celebrate that than anything related to math.

Erin said...

oh see what you did? Now I'm going to have to bake today on top of everything else happening! Those pies look delicious and I'll be emailing my mom and mother in law (both math teachers) to wish them happy Pi Day.

Miss Carmel said...

dat ice cream look sooooo gud! made my mouth water! haha, & Pi day wasnt dat

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