March 6, 2010

I Never Thought That This Would Be A Thing

I'm typing this into a word document (on Saturday afternoon) because my power is out – again! – and apparently I have nothing better to do than blog when there's no power in the house. It's becoming a thing, I guess. Not a very cool thing, but still, now it's just one of those things I do.

I had all these grand plans to leave the house and go run errands, but those are all dust in the wind now, since I'm stupidly sitting here with a towel wrapped around my head. No, I'm not trying out a cool new turbaned look. I'm kicking myself for thinking I was being so clever when I went to take a shower fifteen minutes ago.

“Self,” I said to myself, “there's no power – thus no internet – so you can't keep browsing through Google Reader (well, you can, you just can't see any of the pictures, which sort of defeats the point when about 60% of your subscriptions are food blogs, craft blogs, and interior decorating blogs, all chock full of visuals), so you might as well go do something productive, like take a shower, since the water heater is gas powered.”

I felt so clever. “La di da, look at me, beating Power Outage at its own game, and using my gas appliances!”

Then I got out of the shower and realized that my hair dryer, on the other hand, is, in fact, powered by electricity. So now I'm sitting around my dim room with a head full of wet hair (and I still have a cold, btw), wondering how to leave the house in the next two hours (which is about as long as it takes my freakishly moisture-hoarding hair to air dry) without getting pneumonia.

I also wanted to eat something, but I'm not sure how long this outage is going to last (the last one was well over six hours) and I want to avoid opening the fridge and letting the cold out. Which leaves me with a choice of in-a-pouch insta soup (mmm) or a half a pound of almond milk chocolate, which I'm pretty sure would take me about a week to burn off on the treadmill – my new best friend – so I think I'll try to stay away from that. Insta Chicken Noodle Soup, here I come!


Well, it has been almost six hours. I'm getting pretty bored with this. I made my soup, I ate it, and then I went to run some errands (with damp hair). I even watched a movie I didn't know I had on my computer. And now it's getting dark, so I'm blogging by candlelight again. I wish I could read, but I stupidly finished all my books and now I only have my Spanish Grammar exercise book, which I did a page of and then decided I wasn't going to do home work on a Saturday, even if it meant staring at the wall for the rest of the afternoon.

I really wanted to go buy the mini sewing machine they're selling for nineteen euro - so cheap! - at the We-Have-Everything Shop down the street, and then maybe go get some fabric and play around with sewing something, but then I remembered that sewing machines run on electricity too. Dammit!

I think I might just go take a nap...


Sam Liu said...

Oh god, I hate power outages. I live in a relatively rural area and our electricity is always cutting out - so annoying, I feel your pain.

Julia said...

I can't believe you've been without power for 6 hours! How incredibly annoying! I love that you thought you beat that power outage by taking a shower. hahahha... If only you had a battery operated hair there's an idea! maybe you should start marketing those around your area!

Al said...

over 6 hours??!! thats a mighty long time with no power.

i think i would go insane in that time.

and how is your laptop lasting all that time!?!?! mine would die after an hour of no charging.

im now looking around my house trying to decide what i could do with no power... there is not alot. reading... but with no power there is no lights! im stuck. i think napping is a good option :)

Julia said...

It ended up being 12 hours actually, but I slept for half the time! :)

Sam - I don't know how you do it!

Julia - I totally should start marketing though. Actually, I'm pretty sure they already sell something like that at the We-Sell-Everything Shop down the street. I should take a look! They do have 19 euro mini sewing machines, after all!

Al - I have an amazing Acer Aspire One NetBook with a double battery pack that lasts between 5-6 hours, even while I'm using it! It's phenomenal!

Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

Sorry to hear about your electricity situation - sounds pretty bad! Hope it doesn't happen too often there