March 10, 2010

Awards Extravaganza

I'm a bad blogger. I got some awards and procrastinated posting about them until now! But I'll take this opportunity to not just post the lovely awards I've gotten, but to award out the Fourth Bi-Weekly(ish) Pearl of the Blog World Award.

First things first. I was awarded the Sweet Friends Award not once, but twice! (My blogger friends are awesome! :)

(the newly discovered by me)
Brunch Girls 

and the second time from

the lovely Dorkys 

Thanks ladies!

I posted this award sometime in February as well, so I won't forward it again - I can't keep making lists of 10 blogs I love! I'm going to run out of blogs! I need to save some for next time! - but I can always come up with things that make me happy, so here are ten more of them:

1. A beautiful sunny day. Here it's been raining so much even a freezing cold day with a little sun (like today) is welcome!
2. My two-year-old classes who are so cute and well behaved I just want to scoop them up and give them a giant bear hug!
3. The fact that we have a - wait for it - GOAT at school!* Seriously! I found out yesterday. We have a little "granja" (or mini farm) with some bunnies, a little vegetable patch (where the bunnies dig around) and a real, live goat. She is precious and the kids adore her.
4. My upcoming 12-day vacation in Rome!
5. My new gym, where everyone is really nice and there's always a free treadmill!
6. And being able to finish a hard 45 minute run (at a 10% incline!) without being winded, and not being sore the next day!
7. Almonds. So delicious.
8. And Werther's Original Candies. Those are delicious too! (And the best in-a-pinch cough drop, btw).
9. My blog. I love writing random stuff every day, and I love that you guys read it, and let's face it, you guys are pretty awesome for coming back, and that makesme happy.

and last, but certainly not least!

10. I'm finally over my cold! Today I hardly coughed or blew my nose at all! I'm finally over my fear that I'll be caught mid-sneeze without a tissue! I've finally been able to sing a song without my voice cracking, or teach a lesson without having a coughing fit. Being healthy is glorious!

And then... I got another award!

From Sam

Thanks Sam!

Lastly, it's time for me to give an award. The Fourth Bi-Weekly(ish) Pearl of the Blog World Award.

Of course, like every award, there is a question that goes along with it. But just one.

The world is your oyster, and you are looking for your pearl. What is it?

Happiness? The Meaning of Life? Riches? Adventure? Love? What is it you're looking for?
(grab the award, stick it on your blog, answer the question, 
and then pass on the award to one lucky blogger 
whose blog you think makes the blog world a little shinier!)  
And now, (imagine a drum roll, please), the Bi-Weekly(ish) Pearl of the Blog World Award goes to

She cracks me up, inspires me to try new scary things, and lives in my city. What's not to love?

Well. That was a lot of award stuff! Now I'm off with Emilie to take pictures of the snowy mountains around Madrid at sunset. Isn't my life romantic? Maybe I'll share the moment with you in my next Weekly(ish) Photo Essay.

Ta ta for now!

*And I teach in a city school. It's not like we put on our mud shoes and trek out to the fields to see the livestock. The little "granja" is a shed right up against a fence that gives onto a highway of sorts. Needless to say, it's quite unusual!


LiLu said...

"My upcoming 12-day vacation in Rome!"

Color me JEALOUS. :-)

That Kind of Girl said...

Awwwww, thanks for the blog love, lady!

Also, if the world is my oyster, the pearl I'm looking for is the right word in every situation. Or is that more of a superpower?

Don't think I'd use it for some lame pursuit like writin', though. First I'd use it to guess Alec Baldwin's email password, hack his calendar, "happen" to run into him, then totally make him fall for me.

Um, I thought the condition of these superpowers was "for better or for slightly evil"?

Sadako said...

Congrats! your blog is awesome, and so is not that kind of girl's!