February 4, 2010

On Weekly Winners

I almost forgot about my new weekly Pearl of the Blog World Award! But this lucky winner really deserves it, so we can't deprive her of the glory of receiving it. okay. maybe receiving is isn't glorious (it isn't an award made out of cake after all), but it'll probably be an extra little cherry on top of her day, so let's give it to her anyway, shall we?

And of course, like every award, there is a question that goes along with it. But just one.

The world is your oyster, and you are looking for your pearl. What is it?

Happiness? The Meaning of Life? Riches? Adventure? Love? What is it you're looking for?
(answer the question, and then pass on the award to one lucky blogger 
whose blog you think makes the blog world a little shinier!)  
And now, (imagine a drum roll, please), the second ever Weekly Pearl of the Blog World Award goes to


Because her blog is lovely, and full of fun, useful beauty tips. 
And because I totally think not enough people have discovered her yet.

Go check it out ladies! You can thank me later. :)


Rachel S. said...

Aww, you made my day Julia, thank you!

my name is lauren. said...

thanks for sharing her with us :).

her blog is great!