February 8, 2010

Monday Morning Mishaps

After a shamefully lazy weekend doing absolutely nothing and leaving the house exactly once - which I totally deserved as down time between the last crazy weekend with my cousins and the fact that in two days I will be working seven hour days with screaming children - I had a lot of ambitious plans for today, including going to the Comisaria (local head Police station) to get a certain document, going to the bank, to finish opening my account, getting a desk lamp, a night stand, and some pantry staples I forgot during my last supermarket run.

I went to bed last night with determination. With productive intentions for the day.

But then some stuff got in the way of my noble planning.

A timeline of my monday morning gone awry:

6 am: Cue my doctor roommates getting ready for work, waking me up two hours before my alarm was set to go off, and keeping me up for about 30 minutes with their chit chat and shuffling about (our walls are paper thin).

8 am: When I should be getting out of bed, but thanks to my earlier unexpected wake up call, I am too tired to hear my alarm clock.

10 am: When I actually wake up. (btw, in my original plan, I was supposed to already be on my way from the Comisaria to the bank at this time, and I'm not even on my way to the Comisaria yet. I'm not even out of my pajamas yet.).

10:01 am: When I realize it's raining, and that I don't have an umbrella, although in the two weeks I've been here, I've repeatedly though of buying one, even though I never got around to it.

11:01 am: Right now, when the only productive thing I've done in that last hour is have breakfast. I'm not even dressed yet. And I just found out the bank closes in 3 hours, so I had better start hauling ass, in the rain, to the Comisaria, to get that stupid document I need to open a stupid bank account.

Well, at least it's only Monday, and I don't start work until Wednesday, so technically, if today I don't make it to the bank, I can always go back Tuesday, thus starting over this wonderful cycle.

I think my priority right now should be getting an umbrella, or I'm afraid I won't get much else done today.

UPDATE: I went to two different Comisarias this morning, and apparently there's a ten day waiting period (and a stupid seven euro fee) for the document I need, so even if I had gotten up at 8 am, I wouldn't have been able to go to the bank anyway. So at least I got to sleep in. :)


JennyMac said...

oh no..you definitely need a redo. LOL.

And will you pretty please add your email to your blogger profile? I wanted to respond to one of your comments and get 'no reply at blogger' as your email. :)

Julia said...

I've added my email address to my blogger profile, and it should also be under "Get In Touch" (right above "My Entourage")

and yes! feel free to email me! I love getting mail :)