February 14, 2010

I Suppose A "Happy Valentine's Day" Is In Order

In just my first three days teaching those snotty, albeit adorable, little germ balls I call my students have managed to get me sick (now I understand why all the teachers carry around little bottles of hand sanitizer), and I sort of exacerbated the situation by not only singing and screaming all day Friday (cause of the sore throat) but also by going out for a little bit of tame Carneval fun with some friends last night in what turned out to be -5 C degrees weather (cause of the cold).

Anyhoo. Happy Valentine's Day, I suppose. Today I'm feeling decidedly un-festive. I probably would have made a slight effort, if Valerio had been here today, but he's not coming for another week, so I'm going to just putt-off Valentine's day until next weekend, and not worry about having done absolutely zero of anything for it this year.

Although I hate feeling like the Grinch - even for commercial, sort of invented holidays like Valentine's Day - so I thought I would post a teensy bit of sappy appreciation for this holiday:

A Picture Ode to My Bambolo
(Some Annoyingly Cloying Kissy Photos of Us Being Cutesy)

(Santa Marinella)

(Piazza Navona)


(Sagra Castagne Riofreddo)

(Art Cafe, Roma)

T'amo un sacco, bambolo mio! Buon San Valentino!


Stephany said...

Those are all some ridiculously cute photos of you two!

I know all about those kids getting us sick! I work at a preschool and I think the longest I went without getting sick was 2 months, maybe. I feel it coming on again. ;)

The Lly Dilettante said...

Lol. Happy Valentine's Day. Cute photos indeed :D

♥ Katinka said...

awww, how cute. Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Belen said...

*Sigh* I want a love to be cute with.

LiLu said...

Awwwww. A little schmoop now and then is a great thing. ;-)