February 25, 2010

Delectable Sitting-On-A-Cloud Lemon Mousse

I was sitting at my computer, banging away at my last post (a bitter rant about bureaucracy in general) when I hear a knock at my bedroom door.

Damn, I think. It's my roommate here to chastise me for leaving a single dirty plate in the sink again.

I get up, begrudgingly shuffle to the door, and open it.

It is indeed my roommate, but she's smiling and holding something delicious looking.

It's a glass filled with a light, fluffy, cloud-in-heaven looking mousse of the palest yellow.

Te gustas el leche? She asks me. (Do you like milk?) Mi mama` ha hecho un postre, crema de leche con limon. ¿Quieres? (My mom made a dessert, milk mousse with lemon. Would you like some?)

Now at first "milk mousse with lemon" didn't really inspire me to wolf down a whole glass of the stuff. Especially since we've been taught since birth that milk and lemon go together about as well as navy and black.

But she was standing there looking so cheerful, offering me a yummy-looking home-made dessert, and most importantly, she wasn't yelling at me for leaving dishes in the sink.

I was sold.

Oh man. I'm sorry I considered for even a second to not try it. It was light, fluffy, meringue-y, sweet, but not cloying, lemony, but not overpoweringly so - a perfect mousse.

Apparently her mother - whose chocolate cake is delicious as well - has a special, very very simple recipe.

(Sorry there's no before picture. I ate the whole thing in about twelve seconds flat. But it made for a lovely empty glass picture)

Delectable Sitting-On-A-Cloud Lemon Mousse
By Katy's Mom

1 can evaporated milk
Sugar to taste (I'm guessing 4-6 tbsp, but I have no idea)
Juice of one lemon

Freeze the can of evaporated milk - apparently this is critical for the moussing action to take place. Empty frozen evaporated milk into metal mixing bowl, add sugar, and whip on high until stiff peaks form. Turn mixer to low and mix in the juice of one lemon. Add more sugar to taste.* Eat entire bowl with mixing spoon.**

And we don't even have an electric mixer in the house. Katy's mom (whose name I was told, promptly forgot, and am too embarrassed to ask again) made it with a whisk. By hand. She whipped that mousse so hard the whisk broke. For serious. That is what I call culinary commitment.

* Keep in mind that this recipe was explained to me in very fast accented Spanish, so I'm only writing what I understood her to be saying. I'm pretty sure it's right, but still, I take no responsibility for any culinary mishaps that may arise while attempting this recipe.

** That last part I added. : )


Belen said...

Aw, poor wisk!

Sir Thomas AKA (Winters Reaper) said...


I so want some now!!!!

Julia said...

I'm making it. It sounds easy and so undeniably delectable!

Annnnd...thanks for the award!

Sadako said...

Oh yum, makes me so hungry.