January 5, 2010

Who'da Thunk it!?

I'm practically running out the door, but I wanted to get in a little message before the rest of the day magically vaporized before my eyes, making another day go by without me being able to get a real post in.

Today I noticed, and it actually hit me, that I have seventy followers. Seventy! And I probably only know about two of them in person. So I have sixty eight people I've never met who actually are interested enough in what I have to say to sign up to follow me. If someone had asked me six months ago if I thought it possible, I probably would have laughed in their face. "Me? Having "followers"? haha. Yeah, right. My mom thinks I'm funny, but whose mother doesn't? And my boyfriend and I crack each other up a good deal. But total strangers? Doubtful."

Well apparently, you and I have proved me wrong. So I want to say a little thank you. Thank you to everyone who takes the time to read my little blog in the morning, or afternoon, or middle of the night (I'm a pretty unscheduled blogger), and who takes the time to leave me wonderful, kind, encouraging, and funny comments that brighten my day every time I see one. Thank you to everyone who has given me to confidence to try to build this space into something more than just an undiscovered outlet for my random musings. You guys are awesome, and I would have never had the motivation to keep it up without you. So thanks!

I remember when I had seventeen followers and I was like,"oh man seventeen! that's so many!" and then someone unfollowed me, and I only had sixteen left. I have to admit, I was a teensy bit hurt... but I got over it. Because soon I had seventeen again. And now I have seventy! Well, who'da thunk it!?

Thank You!

 P.s. Remember how I was supposed to do a guest post? Well, if I get my act together, that should be tomorrow! Check back in later for details and a link!


De Lly Dilettante said...

Ooo Congratulations!!

my name is lauren. said...

yay for 70 followers! and...of course you'd have 70 followers...you're a fun little read my dear :).

oh...and p.s. i got a bit overwhelmed with the amount of e-mails i received for random mail, but i would love to be jewelry pen pals with you. that would be so fun. i'll send you my address soon!

hope you have a lovely day girly!

Britt said...

Woohoo! Congrats!

Kate said...

you're a nerd (which i think i can say because i'm one of the 'two people who you know who's following you).

Julia said...

haha kate, i'm happy to be the biggest nerd in the world as long as you keep reading my little "online journal" :)

April said...

I started to follow you today after discovering you over on Cheryl's blog; I think your posts are great and fully deserving of the 85 followers you have now! =o)

Julia said...

thanks april, that's so sweet!

Jules said...

Thank you for having a blog that's so good to read!! :-)