January 16, 2010

Weekly(ish) Photo Essay: The Great White North

At the moment I'm balancing my laptop on my lap in the front seat of the car, driving through upstate Vermont on our back to Cambridge from Quebec, where I've been for the last five days. It's Friday afternoon, but given my tiredness/laziness I probably won't post this until Saturday, because unfortunately (unlike on glorious Bolt Bus) I don't have internet right now. But I figured I'd get a head start on my next blog post, since when I finally connect, I'll probably spend a good hour uploading all of the amazing photos you're about to see.

(Speaking of internet - it's like crack. I've spent four of the last five days completely disconnected from the world—no phone, no internet, hardly any TV (unless crappy French Canadian soap operas count - and when I finally got my hands on some internet at a little internet café this morning I felt as how I imagine a too-long abstemious junkie must feel after finally scoring - good, to say the least. I was happy to see that even the spam world hadn't forgotten to litter my inbox with ads for miracle penis-enlargement products. On the other hand I'm feeling a little overwhelmed about checking my google reader. There must be close to a thousand unread posts that I'm going to spent a good part of tonight trudging through - with pleasure, of course!)

Anyhoo, back to my Canadian vacation. I have never seen so much snow in my entire life - and I lived in Montreal for four years. Apparently barely a few kilometers outside of the snowy city I called home in college there is an even snowier land I had never ventured into. Walking just off the shoveled driveway I sunk knee-deep into the snow.

And that wasn't even the snowbank - those came up to my hips, if not higher.

Well, enough chatter. I'll let you see for yourselves. These are a mix of the way up and down (Vermont and New Hampshire), Magog, Quebec City, and the ski slopes at Mount Orford and Mount Owl's Head.

Isn't it lovely? Those trees at the top of the slopes looked like they'd been Mr. Freezed or something. They looked like snow monsters from the snowy beyond.

And by the end of the day at Mount Owl's Head the light in the sky was just lovely (sorry for the crappy paint composition I made):

I was going to include a video, but blogger is being excrutiatingly slow and I don't feel like waiting for it to load. Maybe another time.


my name is lauren. said...

so. much. snow.

that's insane.

oh...and in answer to your question....i didn't make the crisp. i had it at a restaurant, but i get you could google a recipe somewhere. or just get quince & loganberries and use a basic crisp recipe. it was seriously delicious.

Jen said...

Awesome photos! I love the frozen waterfalls, so cool!

myedit said...

These pics make me sad. I live in Ontario and we should have this much snow but for some resaon...nothing...It's so beautiful.
And you asked about the Old Navy jacket? Go now, I just got it and there's 50% off the last price for all their winter stuff!!!

J. said...

Oh la la! If I didn't have to drive in snow I think I'd love it! It can be so pretty, especially out in the wilderness where it doesn't turn into a big pile of grey dirt! I especially like your icicle tree picture. Very nice.