January 29, 2010

Weekly(ish) Photo Essay: First Impressions of Madrid

In other news (I was going to include this in the previous post, but then it became a weekly(ish) photo essay and I gave it its own post), my beginning in Madrid is going just swimmingly. Today I applied for jobs and looked at apartments.  I feel so productive. But of course, that's what to be expected of a newly minted 25-year-old :) 

But it's not all work and no play. In the last few days I've discovered wonderful tapas bars, a beautiful park, neighborhoods full of lovely 1920s Art Deco style architecture, and a little hole in the wall with delicious six euro pitchers of Sangria, and wise, philosophical quotes painted on the walls. 

The view from the plane on Tuesday. 
It  had just snowed, and everything around Madrid looked like a patchwork quilt.


Once in the city, it's whole different story.


This bear is the dead center of Madrid:

Paolo and Lorenzo staring off into the distance:

Lorenzo and myself on the night of the big two-five (in the delicious Sangria bar):

Some food for thought:

{There is no cure for birth and death except to take advantage of the time inbetween}

{While the foolish decide, the intelligent debate}

 {Knowledge and reason speak, ignorance and error yell}
Arthur Graf

And these are just  a fraction of my photos from the first two days. So brace yourselves for the upcoming avalanche of photos I'll be posting of the city I now call home.a


JennyMac said...

LOVE your gorgeous pics. And the quote about birth/death is awesome too. I have been to Spain but never Madrid. I must go!

my name is lauren. said...


....oh to be a world traveler like you....