January 10, 2010

Top Five Tradition: Part Two - 2006 Edition

Actually, the Top Five Tradition started in 2004 - we'll call that one part one - the lost edition - but unfortunately part one of the Top Five Tradition was all in my old hotmail account, which I apparently neglected long enough for them to delete it. So I'm left with only part two of the Top Five Tradition, which we reenacted, however briefly, in 2006.

But I'm getting ahead of myself. You must be wondering what exactly the Top Five Tradition is. Well, it's pretty self-explanatory, as it's a tradition of top five lists. But it's not just the fruit of my genius little mind. It's much better. It's my genius little twenty-one-year-old mind, along with the genius little minds of two of my meilleures amies, Annika and Molly. Every week (in theory) one of us would write list of Top Five whatever, in a category of our choosing, and send it to the other two, who had to reply with their Top Five of the chosen category. And every week (in theory) we would take turns picking a new category and writing the first list. I keep repeating "in theory" because saying that we did something every week implies that it occurred regularly over a period of time. Maybe that was the case for part one of the Top Five Tradition- the lost edition, but unfortunately, I have no evidence to back up that possibility. But part two of the Top Five Tradition is only nine emails long, or three lists each, so it was pretty much the opposite of regular over a long period of time. But it was a good run while it lasted. Who knows, maybe I'll reenact it this year, and start part three of the Top Five Tradition - 2010 Edition.

Now you must be wondering why I'm blabbering on about all of this. Well, on Friday - when I was in New York visiting Annika - this whole Top Five Tradition came up in conversation, and Annika jestingly told me that I should blog about it. At first I was like, "meh." But then I actually looked for the old emails, and we were actually pretty funny, in our lists and in our editorial comments. So I thought I would take all of you on a little tour of our collective memory lane, and post some of our random Top Fives from four years ago.


FROM: Julia
TO: Molly and Annika
September 5, 2006

Bitches, it has been too long... I was looking through old saved mail and the whole TOP 5 thing was like a year and a half ago! I can't believe we fell off this hard.
So... i decided i would start it up again... I haven't even thought of a top 5 list i want to share yet, but i will soon enough...

okay, here's a decent one...

5. I am older than about 90% of everyone in my school
4. Therefore I can legitimately condescend 90% of everyone in my school (hehe)
3. School is pretty much just about going through the motions at this point
2. I get to be nostalgic about everything that i've done for the last 3 years
1. My roommates and I are dressing up as the SENIORS from Dazed and
Confused for halloween... complete with the cutoff sweatshirts,
ketchup and mustard!

okay, that was totally lame, but at least i tried... time for some witty top 5s from you ladies!

FROM: Molly
TO: Annika and Julia
September 5, 2006

ok... here i go-
1) i can actually enjoy school because i can see the light at the end of the tunnel
2) i get to pick classes that i actually want because i have pri-ori-tah
3) i dont really have to think about the classes that i need to take, only the ones that i want to take, hence 'knitting 101"
4) i get to go a-drinking after class because i am 21, being the snide senior that i am
5) i have lots of friends and get to start thinning out the pool, no need to keep in touch with all of the 5 million people i've met at depaul since i will be gone in a brief 9 month period.
love you girls, lets get back on track, aight?
FROM: Annika
TO: Molly and Julia
September 5, 2006
 Oh you guys totally did that to leave me out!! haha. molly dear, im going to call you back! im doing orientation training and its like everyday from 8 to 9.... so its kinda hectic... but i will! i miss you guys and it was lovely to see you both this summer, as brief as it was!

so... top 5 for still being a junior!!
5. avoiding life a little bit longer
4. more time to plan avoiding life even more
3. i get to make fun of my lovely dears ;)
2. a third chance to actually have something of a life at college.. with a 4th still ahead of me...
1. and i get to learn from all your mistakes.
hehe ok that was awful. and kind of mean. but all in good spirit! i love you girls! so now im supposed to do one?
crap. my roommates just put on a movie. i swear i will write one.... hehe i promise!!
love annika

FROM: Molly
TO: Annika and Julia
September 12, 2006
okay, top five creative curses that you can use around children (a la lorenzo pirate lessons)
1) "billions of blistering barnacles"/"thundering typhoons..." ah, el capitan, how you awe me with your miraculous sea banter. if only i could be your Tintin...
2) "holy mackerel" (sp?) i love me some fishy nonsense, and it gets the point across
3) "you eft!" i get this from water babies, which is a very funny little book, when the mean water otter is calling the little boy who turns into a water fairy thing an eft, i think that's like a salamander. there a part where they're talking and the otter explains, "Come, away, children," said the otter in disgust, "it is not worth eating, after all. It is only a nasty eft, which nothing eats, not even those vulgar pike in the pond." anyhow, this all makes no sense unless you know the book, but i would reccomend calling people efts every once in a while.
4) damnation! haha kika, julia and i saw this thing on european MTV called pimp my wheels which was the same as pimp my ride except they pimped vespas and scooters. also, they were translating pimp my ride and Xibit was like, 'damn' and they translated, "DAMNATION." haha
5) shootaloot. y'all know that one's mad important...
anyhow, that was kind of lame, but i know you two are much better at holding your tongues and being creative with the english language.
FROM: Julia
TO: Annika and Molly
September 12, 2006
damnation molly! you made a hard one... see, i have this problem where, usually, when i swear really loud, there happen to be children around me... i think its a curse. anyway, i'll give it a try...
1. Dagnabbit! I used this yesterday and it made me very happy... it just sounds so funny
2. Jeebus! I never actually use this, but hey, its better than using our lord and savior's name in vain... (amen)
3. holy moley! a tried and true classic
4. frick! i got this from scrubs... a funny show you should all watch!
5. oh goober... I just made this one up... but i like... not so much a swear as an expression of disappointement...

sorry, mine were lame too. but i tried... way to give us a hard one molly, i cant imagine what fake swear words we left for annika... haha
love julia

FROM: Annika 
TO: Molly and Julia
September 17, 2006
ok ok I'm back! ok here we go.
1. fruitcake. my alltime favorite. but i guess not really a swear. more an insult. for silly people who just shouldnt be. hehe.
2. i like arse. i dont know if you can say that in front of kids. i should think so. any british swears.
3.ooh that leaves wanker too. but more like "wanka"
4. did someone say dagnabbit? i dont know if that actually is one. i think i use it some times though.
5. and thanks to good old catholic mrs haverty: jesus mary and joseph! thats the best. but i probably wouldve been terrified by that as a kid being my anti religious anything little self.
hehe i tried. but now on to greater things!

mine. hehe. ok, top 5 snacks, or things to do instead of snacks. like distracting from food and snacks... ok really, ive come to realize that in my life as a student, post-meal plan, all i talk about is food. the other night me and a freind travis got so into it that nina had to stop us because our food "foreplay" was too much for her. hehe. its quite a lot of fun though. so maybe this should be my five fantasy dinners. the ones that make me salivate. but i think ill keep it to snacks and what we do in place of those meals we wish we could afford and knew how to make... cause maybe you'll give me some helpful hints. haha. i know i know, lame!
1. but ok, really good: this was my dinner the other night. it was amazing. and ver yimprovised. french toast with when pigs fly harvest bread, soaked in one egg, vanilla soy milk and cinnamon, with macintosh apples fried in oj and cinnamon. soooo good.
2. swedish meat balls!! if i had my recipie next to me id include it cause theyre amazing. its just meatballs made with chopped onions, nutmeg and allspice, and freeze them and then youll always have them (this is my plan for thursday when i dont have class :)
3. umm... food.... hmm. shit im running out already. this week doesnt look good. ok simple, cheese and raisins. its almost as good as cheese and wine nights with grapes. almonds are good too. hehe, you'd think that i havent just eaten a really good home cooked meal.
4. the old favorite from preschool: ants on a log, raisins and peanut butter on celery. or apples. oooh or banana peanutbutter sandwiches.
5. ooh sugar coated almonds. i dont actually know how to make them, but you bake them. or walnuts. its really good. just like candy.
im gonna go find a snack. you're mouth better be watering by now. hope you all are well!! :)
much love, annika

FROM: Julia
TO: Molly and Annika
September 18, 2006
so... top 5 snacks, eh??
1. Homemade beef jerky... we have a dehydrator and homemade beef jerky is sooo delectable!
2. grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup... it sounds lke a bore, but it never bores. and its probably the one and only reason i got fat first year... stupid meal plan..
3. cheese bagel... my roomate's invention, a bagel you bake with cheese on top... a variation of the grilled cheese but crispier and healthier looking (no butter)
4. applesauce... i know, it doesnt count cause it comes in a little container, but sometimes i do make my own applesauce (with butter and cream, so it tastes kind of caramelly and delicious)
5. eggs benedict... not so much of a snack, unless you come home tipsy at 2 am alone with your roommate after having spent the whole evening with your two respective guys, and you get soo incensed you make eggs benedict there and then. i also especially like them now cause i make my own hollandaise sauce from
scratch... thank you joy of cooking :o)

anyway, i just got back from a crazyy weekend in kingston, Queen's University Homecoming.. it was crazy.. people dyed themselves purple (the engineers), like they literally swam in a kiddy pool of dye... it was
really weird.. and i saw such a huge crowd of people on this street that was alllll parties... there were so many people the cellphone network failed... no joke

i'll try to think of a good next top 5, in the mean time i'll wait for molly's favorite snacks :o)
love julia

FROM: Molly
TO: Annika and Julia
September 21, 2006
ok lady cakes (mmm that sounds good too...) here are my REAL snacks, because both of you really included multiple course meals. ridiculous!
1) rold gold pretzel sticks and a glass of milk. tasty, and easy to do, tada!
2) hot tamales and cap cod potato chips. tasty treat, but not for the faint of stomach!
3) dark chocolate, always and forever.
4) I don't like them at all, but sometimes my Indianan friend Chris and i eat cracklins. fried pork fat anyone? it makes you feel real country...
5) store bought jerky. who the hell has time or money for a fucking dehydrator, JULIA. you are a strange and fancy person though, so i'm not surprised.
my boy/man arrives at 6 am tomorrow, so don't come a knockin' (or a ringin') this weekend, cause I'm gettin' me some. Miss you both, very very much. Do call sometime soon, ok? and p.s., he'll be coming up for thanksgiving, so y'all can meet him (by the way I talk, you'd think i'm eating cracklins right now...)
love love love, molly


And that brings to a close part two of the Top Five Tradition - 2006 Edition. And as you can see, it was totally my turn to come up with a new list, and I failed. Miserably. So I guess I'll have to bring the tradition back to life. Stay tuned for some future lists from part three of the Top Five Tradition - 2010 Edition, this time coming to you no longer from amusing 21-year-old genius brains, but from the mature minds of 25-year-old adult ladies!

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