January 26, 2010

Madrid: My New Home

I've arrived, safe and sound, in Madrid - after waking up at 4 am (!!!) for my excruciatingly early 6:25 flight - and I've arrived - quickly, thanks to Madrid's excellent Metro system - at my stinky boy cousin Paolo's "Auberge Espagnol"-type apartment in the center, after having been happily greeted at the airport by him and Lorenzo - my other stinky boy cousin* :o) who is visiting Paolo as well.

I think the first order of business is to get me some delicious Spanish food, and then explore the city a and get acclimated to my new home. I'll be back with more exciting news soon!

* I kid. Neither of them are stinky. But they are boys. Quite lovely, friendly, chivalrous boys, in fact (there's talk of them sleeping on the floor and giving me the bed), who also happen to both be available, in case any lovely ladies are interested in a nice Italian man-friend. Any takers? Hm? Well, let me know.


Caro said...

Dont forget to take pictures!

Sam said...

I'm so jealous you are in Madrid! How exciting!