January 26, 2010

I'm Bored So I Made An Award (Hey, That Rhymes!)

So I thought today would be all about going out and visiting the city. But I forgot that Spain operates on a schedule that lags behind that of the rest of Western Europe's by a few hours. And the whole siesta thing.

After going out to get food (which turned out to be Chinese, not Spanish, but that surprisingly hit the spot), we came back to the apartment, ate, hung out for a bit, and then Paolo and Lorenzo went to take a nap. I guess it makes sense, since they were up until six am and then woke up at nine to come get me at the airport. Plus apparently we're not going out to city-seeing until after four, when we're meeting up with some other Italian people. I wanted to take a nap too, but since I went to bed at one am and woke up at four, I didn't think I'd be able to wake up after, so I thought I'd stick it out until tonight, and then go to bed early.

So here I am, at my little laptop while my cousins are siesta-ing, and I got bored. So I started skimming through google reader (while doodling in Paint). To all you readers out there who have a blog that I follow too, thank you. You save me in moments of dire boredom (at least when I have an internet connection - you're no help in the Heathrow Airport). My gratefulness, and the fact that I was having fun doodling in Paint, inspired me to design and start giving out a blog award to blogs that keep me entertained and boredom-free. I thought it should be a weekly, one-awardee award, initially given by me, but then also passed on, one person at a time.

The award is the Pearl of the Blog World (hey, that kind of rhymes too!), because the blogs I give it to are like beautiful little pearls in a sea of blogs, and if you haven't noticed, I kind of have a theme going on here that I'd like to stick to. (Although don't start thinking of my as one of those girls that wears pearls and Lilly Pulizter. I think pink and green are the worst possible combination of colors. And embroidered pastel ankle pants look ridiculous on just about everyone). (And please excuse the ghetto fabulous quality of my Paint art).

And of course, like every award, there is a question that goes along with it. But just one.

The world is your oyster, and you are looking for your pearl. What is it?

Happiness? The Meaning of Life? Riches? Adventure? Love? What is it you're looking for?

And now, the first ever Weekly Pearl of the Blog World Award goes to (imagine a drum roll, please)


Although there are many blogs I'd like to honor, Lauren gets to be the first winner because when she made an award she gave one to me, so I thought it would be only fair to give her one I made. Plus her blog is a shiny little pearl that brings a smile to my face every time I stop by. It's a pity that there are something like nine thousand kilometers between us, because I'm sure that if we met we would be fast friends!

So Lauren, what's the pearl you're looking for in the oyster that is your life? Grab the award, answer the question, and then pass it on to a blog that you look forward to reading every week.

And now I get to go wake up my stinky cousins and drag them outside to see some city!


Anonymous said...

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Sam said...

Aw this is awesome! And I love Lauren too :)