December 13, 2009

Weekly(ish) Photo Essay: Winter Wonderland

I've been home for a week, and I've barely done anything to eliminate my jet lag. I get tired early, so I go to bed at ten and wake up at eight. Those seem like normal hours for a normal adult, but keep in mind that in Rome, on the days I didn't work in the morning, I easily went to bed at three in the morning and woke up at eleven. This whole early to bed, early to rise schedule has made me realize that the day can actually be much longer (at least in terms of daylight), and that you can fill it with more activities.

One of these activities has been walking the dog with my mom in the morning, sometimes with a couple of her friends, around Fresh Pond, a little reservoir lake in north Cambridge where all the dog walkers reunite daily to let their little pooches run free. In fact today we saw the most adorable eight-month-old silver standard poodle puppy that was just too precious. She kept following me around, and I almost stole her and brought her home. And her name was Bella. How appropriate for such a beautiful dog.

Anyhoo (there is a point to this whole spiel), we've been going walking (almost) every day, and walking around this little lake I started to notice how many beautiful things there were even though it was winter and everything looked so bleak. So I started bringing my camera, and these are some of the pretty things winter brings us, to make up for the dirty slush and the icy windstorms.

a bed of acorns

a bunch of peppercorns

tree shadows on the icy ground

beautiful patterns in the ice

 green green holly

dry flowers

a soft bough of pine

plump red berries

more dry flowers

a sea of red berries

So the next time you step outside into the frosty cold and think "ugh, I hate winter!" just take a few moments to look around and see all the beautiful little things that winter has to offer.


Stephen K said...

Just wonderful wonderful photos, Julia! Even make Winter look a little bit more beautiful :)

Julia said...

thanks! yesterday it was about 2 degrees with the windchill, so i really needed a distraction from the arctic tundra wind...and the pretty berries were just perfect!

my name is lauren. said...

these are lovely, lovely, lovely! thanks for the reminder to "stop and smell the roses" :).

also...thank you for the award the other day. so sweet of you! i'm only now just responding because i was out of town. you're adorable. glad you're enjoying being home. ♥.

The Daily Connoisseur said...

What a gorgeous blog you have! And yes it is a lovely sentiment to stop and smell the roses :)

De Lly Dilettante said...

Beautiful! Especially the dry flowers and berries.

♥ Katinka said...

wonderful pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sadako said...

Great pics! and an adorable blog.

my name is lauren. said...


you're apparently quite the award winner.... you've even got another one....on MY blog. go check it out!

LiLu said...

Fine. But only cause you asked nicely. ;-)

Julia said...

danke danke :) apparently winter beauty strikes a chord with everyone!

Anonymous said...
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