December 23, 2009

Weekly(ish) Photo Essay: O Tannenbaum

 We finally decorated our tree, yay! Isn't it purdy? I'm kind of miffed that the lights came out blue (they look much whiter in person) but I guess that's how those newfangled eco LED lights work.

I thought that for this week's photo essay I would take you on a little tour of our tree, and all the lovely and quirky ornaments we have. We happen to have a large number of beautiful vintage glass ornaments (my mother's snagged a bunch in yard sales (of vendors who knew little about the value of what they were selling), and some unusual international ornaments, so I thought I'd share.

These are some of the lovely vintage glass balls we have, still very shiny after years of use (notice the reflection of the camera in a few of them - and excuse the blurriness),

These are some lovely hand painted egg ornaments from Hungary... I think,

And this is just a funky glass pineapple. Everyone should have one of these.

Then we have what I like to call the disco balls, all sparkles and bright colors (there are pink and green too, but I think you get the point),


And an adorable mini corn husk nativity inside a carved out pomegranate (how cute!)

These are some paper balls I made - I found the idea at How About Orange, where you can also find the link to the tutorial.

the paper was supposed to be sparkly,
but it doesn't really show in the picture

ok and this one is sideways, but I don't feel like fixing it

This is our German Good Luck Christmas Pickle Ornament (there is a story behind this, but I don't remember the details... something to do with my friend Molly, a German friend of hers, and a fad at Urban Outfitters)

Oh, and this is the "tongue in cheek" samurai ninja on top of our tree (obviously put there by my brother) which is only allowed to stay up there until we find the santa doll or the angel that usually top the tree),

And last, but not least, are the little bone-shaped peanut butter and parmesan doggie treats that we baked this morning, poked holes in, and strung up so our little doggie, Truffle, can eat them off the tree whenever he likes.


I wish you all a very Lovely and Merry Christmas!
 Thanks for stopping by!


my name is lauren. said...

so thoughtful of you to leave bones on the bottom for your little doggie :).

i liked your tree tour. thanks for being our tour guide :).

Stephen K said...

That's one great looking tree! I actually quite like the samurai. I vote you keep it up, just add a post-it hat or something if you must :D

♥ Katinka said...


Jamie said...

I love all the unique ornaments you have! I have a pickle on my tree too. Apparently you're supposed to "hide" the pickle on the tree and whoever finds it gets a special gift. Granted, we've never done that, but it's a cute ornament nonetheless.

Julia said...

Jamie - I had no idea there was supposed to be a pickle hide and hunt! we'll definitely do that next year! although, being french, wedo celebrate the epiphany, on jan 6, where the person who gets the baby jesus in his/herslice of cake gets to be king/queen for a day!

Sara-Jane Elizabeth said...

What a wonderful tree! I love that you made ornaments for your dog!