December 12, 2009

Two in One Day!

I just got another lovely award, the second today (and ever!). The gods must be smiling on me today - probably because earlier I was telling my mom about the time they (the gods) were pointing at me and laughing (a horrible/hilarious scooter story for another day), so maybe they thought I deserved a little something extra to make up for it.

Sam, from **Simply*Sam**, and I did a little award switcheroo today. She got the Kick-Ass Blog Award from me, and I got the lovely Brighten My Day Award from her.

The rules say I have to list ten things and ten blogs that make me happy.

These Things Brighten My Day:
1. Coming into a warm toasty house from the nippy outside cold
2. Reading a good book in a comfortable chair
3. Sharing a delicious meal with close friends
4. Standing in the sun and feeling warm all over
5. Warm, fresh-from-the-oven cookies and a tall glass of cold milk
6. Woolen socks
7. Finally being able to use a sewing machine
8. My grandmother's vintage berets (that I "borrowed" from her)
9. Pandoro for breakfast (an Italian Christmas butter cake...yum)
10. Spending time with my family

These Blogs Make Me Smile:
1. Dry As Toast
2. Ramblings of a Fab Brunette
3. The Novelista Barista
4. How About Orange 
5. Tapdancing in the Dark
6. Clever Girl Goes Blog
7. Kyla Roma
8. Warm Pears
9. Too Pretty For This
10. Ezra Pound Cake

Phew... that was a lot of linking! Well, I'm tired, so I'll let all these lovely bloggers know tomorrow that they won this award, if they don't happen to see it here first. In the meantime, I have to finish sewing up this purse... I'm on a sewing rampage!

Good night!


Kristi Faith said...

Congratulations on your awards! I'll have to check out those you linked to. Keep it up! :0)

Stephen K said...

Why the gods? Why not just your adoring fans? :P

Well done Julia, very much deserved, I reckon.

Julia said...


De Lly Dilettante said...

Ooo congrats :) Your blog does bring a smile to my face :)

Sam said...

I love your list! I'll have to post the other award soon :)