December 5, 2009

Taking Off

I stupidly already packed and brought to the beach house all things computer related (such as my plug converters) while leaving my computer on accidentally for five hours (and letting it run out of batteries). The result is that I have a dead computer and no way to plug it in...stupid american plugs and european outlets.
My roommate is letting me use her computer to check my flight information, but I decided to secretly use it to blog instead, and get in a last Rome post before I left tomorrow.

So tonight is my last night being in Rome (boo) for the next six weeks, and my last night living in Rome for probably a couple of years. Bummer. In fact, instead of a list of Ten Things I Won't Miss About Rome (which is coming eventually - don't fret - just later than I thought), I'm brainstorming a list of Ten More Things I'm Going to Miss About Rome. This city is just too lovely.

Anyhoo, I think I'm starting to get some dirty checking-your-flight-info-shouldn't-take-15-minutes looks from my lovely roomie, so I'm going to have to log off and be without internet for the next 24 hours.

I'll be back when I land in Boston! Wish me a good flight!


Ice Queen said...

Have a nice flight! Can't wait to hear your lists!

Mira said...

be ready for cold weather! i wish i were in rome

(Ka)Tinka said...

Hey Julia :) I don't know how I got here but I like your blog and thought I'd leave a comment. Have a good flight :)