December 8, 2009

Sewing is Hard

So I thought I'd get a head start on my Christmas present to myself and start sewing up the buttercup bag I wanted to make. My mom bought me some cute 1970s vintage fabric which is perfect, and I started tracing and cutting and thinking to myself, "Julia, you are so awesome. You are cutting the heck out of that fabric and doing a damn good job. Pshh, this is so easy. Whoever said sewing was hard was obviously mentally impaired, blah blah blah..." and other ridiculously hubristic thoughts.

And then I ran out of things to trace and cut. All the other steps looked kind of daunting, so I started stitching up the pleats on the purse by hand, which looked pretty easy. After stabbing myself in the thumb about 951376525 times and practically bleeding all over my purse in progress, I finally finished the stitching, and realized that all I had left to do was the sewing machine part. Ok, So I don't really know how to use a sewing machine. But I figured that I could manage as long as my mom was around to help. But just as I was about to turn around and ask her to come help me, I hear, "Bye bye! I'm off to yoga, see you later!" and Slam, my mom is out the door. Dammit.

So now I'm just sitting around, blogging instead of sewing, my pride a little wounded, and my thumbs still sore, and honestly, I would go and try braving this sewing machine nonsense on my own, but I don't even know where the sewing machine is, so I couldn't, even if I wanted to. My solution? Eat some chocolate and watch Scrubs with my brother. Definitely more fun than stabbing myself in the thumb.


Lisa said...

Sewing by hand is of the most difficult things EVER for me. I am horrible at it...and forget using the sewing machine- that's even worse! hahah :)

Julia said...

i know! i'm actually not bad at sewing by hand, but only when there's no pressure - like a halloween costume. when it's something im going to be using in public, like a purse, i get all nervous and my stitches get mini and i start stabbing myself with the needle. i think i need to suck it up and learn to use the sewing machine.

But call me Carrie. said...

What a cute idea!!! I can't wait to see the finished product. And way to go with the whole sewing by hand thing!!