December 20, 2009

Our Naked Tree

So we got our tree and put it up, but we haven't decorated it yet. I promise I will put up pictures of our future decorated tree, but in the mean time (and to make sure the word 'fuck' doesn't stay in the title of my most recent post for longer than a day), here's a picture of our lovely, fat, naked tree.

In other news, last night New England got completely blanketed in about a foot of snow (over two feet in the mid-Atlantic). I hope it doesn't melt and get slushy and gross by Christmas, because a grey Christmas is a lot less festive than a white one. But just in case, I took some pictures, to remember the sheer amount of snow we got (to which this photo doesn't do justice),

and how pretty it was, stuck in the window screens,

p.s. rest in peace Brittany Murphy, we'll miss you!


Jade said...

Wow. That snow is far better than what covered my area of the world on Friday!

my name is lauren. said...

those window screen pictures are so cool!

Micaela said...

i love love love those window screen pics!!!

look at all that snow- a winterwonderland. magical.

Sara-Jane Elizabeth said...

What a beautiful winter wonderland!