December 12, 2009

My Very First, Very Own Blog Award!

I woke up to a quiet house, with a little weak winter sunshine filtering in through the naked branches outside, made myself a cup of tea, emptied the dishwasher, and got off to an otherwise uneventful Saturday morning where my prevailing thought is how I should be writing my personal statements for my grad school apps, which is a thought I successfully manage to push aside while dealing with other more pleasant things (like making breakfast).

Then, hunched over my little laptop in the morning cold, nursing my earl grey, I get a lovely surprise! My very first, very own blog award, from De Lly Dilettante over at the snap art poem. The award is the appropriately named Kick-Ass Blog Award - because honestly people, am I anything less than kick-ass? (although I wish I kicked ass as much as these crazy-looking alien punk rockers in the picture... they look pretty ass-kickin').

And not only do I get to receive it, but I also get my little mini-moment playing god, where I get to pick which five other bloggers are just as kick-ass as me (and as De Lly, obviously, since she came first :)

So, after much deliberation and some close votes (between me and me), I've, with some difficulty in narrowing down the pool, chosen the following kick-ass bloggers and their equally kick-ass blogs:

My Name is Lauren @ The Little Things We Do
for her wonderful taste in beautiful things, and because as an optimist,
I love her "my favorite things about today"

2 Kids from Jersey City @ Brick City Love
for their kick-ass do-it-yourself advice which has inspired me to get to try new things

for her big beautiful photos and her funny stories

because reading about her life is a lot like looking in a mirror,
and I like knowing that someone else's life is just as geographically uncertain as mine

because I regularly spit out my drinks from laughing so hard at her blog,
and I can't remember the last time something I read made me laugh as much or as often

So thanks for the award (because I'm telling myself it's a also little bit from all of you who keep coming back), and congratulations to the five newly minted by moi kick-ass bloggers.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

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Sam said...

Thanks for the award! I actually just gave you a different one on my blog :)