December 29, 2009

Julia's Little Shop of Wonders

Apparently when it comes to being creative I have a sort of ADD.
Barely two weeks ago, as soon as I arrived, I was all about the sewing. I sewed for days straight, and made no fewer than two purses, a clutch, and a make-up case.

And then I started feeling guilty about not writing my grad school applications. I said to myself, if you have time to be sewing, you have time to be writing. So even if I didn't spend every free minute writing personal statements, the sewing machine was still sitting lonely and neglected by the balcony.

But I started making some progress on my applications. And then Christmas happened, so those were like another five days that had miraculously flown by in place of one.

Suddenly, I've been home for over three weeks, I'm wrapping up my essays (and thus feel less guilty about doing fun, crafty activities), and there's this weird week of lull between Christmas and New Years.

So I took up jewelry making. Well, not from scratch. My mom has a bunch of beads and jewelry making stuff, and I've dabbled in making some earrings and necklaces before, for myself and as gifts. But I decided that I wanted to do it a little more seriously. Last year I made my aunt a pair of earrings to match a sweater my mom bought her, and she loved them. She wears them all the time. So I thought that this year for Christmas I would make her another pair. That's when things started getting out of hand.

In front of my mom's tray full of beading stuff, I started having visions of earrings I wanted to make, matching necklaces, and all sorts of fun, pretty things. So the other day I made a pair of dangly earrings for myself with some beads we had, and a little bracelet. But I didn't have the stuff I needed to make the rest. So today my mom and I took a little trip to Beadworks, in Harvard Sq., and bought up some beads and findings. I guess I went a little crazy this evening (while watching an early 90s movie about Meryl Streep and Shirly MacLaine being sort of crazy), and made no fewer than three more pairs of earrings (only one for myself), and a necklace, to go with the earrings and bracelet from the other day.

Anyway, I'm not telling you all of this to say look at how amazing and talented I am (well, maybe a bit). But I feel justified in showing off my goods mostly because I never thought it would be so easy and take so little time to make something so pretty! Seriously, next time you're looking at a pair of earrings (except those crazy chandelier ones - those are too complicated), think of how easy it would be to make them yourself!

Well, now that you've come this far, you can stay for a little demonstration of what I made, all by my self!

The earrings for my aunt, with Lapis Lazuli and Jonquil Rhinestones,

  (those weird looking spots are actually little flecks of gold)

Some Jade and Sterling Silver earrings I made for myself,

and the matching necklace,

And then I thought that the style I used for the jade earrings
would look pretty with a white stone,

and then I had a little Sterling Silver wire left over,
so I made mom a shorter version of the last two styles, with little Turquoise balls,

Oh, and the little bracelet from the other day,
sort of boring, but cute in its own way,

And finally, my entire little shop of wonders (sans bracelet)
(I only call them wonders because it's wondrous that I manged to make them!)

Meanwhile I still have a bag full of fabric and lining sitting in the corner waiting to be made into a purse...

P.S. Tomorrow I'll be guest posting for a very special lady! Check back in the morning to see where!


amy said...

Awww! Those are so pretty! You should start an etsy shop! :)

amy said...

PS. There's a blog award waiting for you over at Ha ha. Wait. What.

MoreThanMyOwnLife said...

Adorable jewelry. The fact that you sew makes me jealous. I'm bad at it so I don't do it.

Loys said...

Um. Wow. Everything looks amazing! I didn't know that it's possible to make jewelry like that yourself.
The bracelet does not look boring at all. I love it!

♥ Katinka said...

I absolutely love it! so pretty!!!!

Julia said...

Thanks for all the support, ladies! Who knows, maybe now that I have something to give away, I'll do a real giveaway :)

WhimsAndInconsistencies said...

I love those earrings! I'm inspired!

my name is lauren. said...

you should totally start an etsy shop. i'd buy those jade or turquoise earrings. so pretty. you are a talented lady :).

i'm starting t enjoy jewelry making myself (hence the necklace in my giveaway). too bad we don't live closer so we could be jewelry making buddies :(.

terra said...

I love the turquoise earrings! So pretty!