December 29, 2009

Hate Mail: Arctic Tundra Weather

Dear Weather,
What the hell? Are you going all Sybil on me again? First you dump over a foot of snow on us - just long enough before Christmas that it ends up being a grey Christmas instead of a white one. Then you rain. For days. With uncharacteristically warm weather mixed in, to make sure all the snow melts and everywhere I look its desolate grey wetness. And just when I thought, hey,weather's going to give us a little sun, maybe it'll be nice and warm and sunny... BAM! You invade Cambridge with a super powerful gust of your frigid, frozen, icy arctic wind, bringing temperatures below zero (Fahrenheit), making ominous howling noises, and making me scared that trees are going to start falling on my head. I'm not happy about this. Not one bit.
Cold, but lucky and thankful to have a wood stove in my house,


my name is lauren. said...

the weather pisses me off. it randomly snowed here today. and people in oregon don't know how to drive in snow. at all. it was pure madness on the roads. ugh!

Julia said...

Oh man, I hate when people can't deal with driving in inclement weather. It's like all logic goes out the window!