December 15, 2009

French Holidays and Yet Another Award

I'm not exactly sure why, but whenever I come home I immediately gravitate towards my mother's collection of french music. Maybe it's something about being home, and listening to my mother speak french all day, or just because it's music that I love, but I haven't managed to put it on my ipod yet, so I never get a chance to listen to it (my new netbook, Pearl, doesn't have a disc drive, boo). Either way, I'm capable of listing to these four CDs on repeat for days at a time, which is exactly what I've been doing (with a little Billie Holiday thrown in for good measure).

Madeleine Peyroux is an amazing, amazing, American jazz singer from the south, raised in New York and in Paris, whose voice and style is very similar to Billie Holiday, and just as lovely. Her music is relaxing, sad, nostalgic, touching, indifferent... and her voice is amazing. She does a lot of her own music, in French and English, but also covers some classics by Billie Holiday, Frank Sinatra, and other timeless talents from back in the day. I highly, highly recommend listening to her. In fact, I'll facilitate the experience for you with a video!

Moving on to a completely French CD, we have Coralie Clement.

I was introduced her music in 2003 when a friend of my mother's gave me her CD, and I find myself listening to her every time I come home. My mother liked her so much too that she bought the CD as well, so now we have twin copies lying around the house, when what we really should have done is bought her next two albums, which we don't have. She has a lovely, delicate voice, which I find so pleasant. But again, don't take my word for it. See for yourself!

And lastly, we have a boy thrown into the mix, and a French Quebecois at that!

Pierre Lapointe was discovered by my mother on one of her many trips to visit me in Montreal. He is sort of like the male version of Coralie Clement (at least that's how I see him), but a little more indie and animated and dandy. This is the only half decent video I could find of him on youtube, and it's live, but it still shows how precious he is! I just want to squeeze his little Quebecois cheeks!

And as a little extra, even though it's not French, I've been listening to a little Billie Holiday, because she is perfect for the holiday mood. She is timeless and amazing, and certainly needs no introduction, just a video that does justice to her extraordinary voice.

Well, that does it for my back home play list. I hope you've enjoyed dabbling in my francophile taste in music with me. And remember, there's nothing like a little Billie Holiday, or Madeleine Peyroux, to add a little class to your holiday party :)

p.s. I almost forgot! I got yet another lovely award, this time from Lauren, over at The Little Things We Do, and she designed it herself. So lovely. Thank you, Lauren!


Anna Elena said...

ooh, thanks for sharing! I love the Coralie Clement song especially.

Chelsea Talks Smack said...


Sara-Jane Elizabeth said...

Pierre Lapointe is so good! I love Madeleine Peyroux! Lovely post!

++MIRA++ said...

nice song collection:)

Julia said...

ooh yay i'm so glad you guys know all about them! they're so good! in fact, i might just go put on some madeleine peyroux for the 47692765th time while i make some peppermint bark (recipe to come later)!