December 30, 2009

Foregoing a Yearly Tradition: My New Year's Extravaganza With My Meilleure Amie

So apparently my excitement about my guest post today was a little premature... it may or may not be for next week, haha. So yeah, I'm kind of a spazz, and I'll keep you posted about that.

Anyhoo. Today I wanted to talk about my friend Molly (who also has a blog). See, Molly and I have been meilleures amies since middle school, and starting in seventh grade (when we got up to some shenanigans at my dad's new year's eve party) we've had a New Year's tradition to spend the holiday together  often at the cost of spurning our boyfriends for each other. This will only be the third in thirteen new year's eves that we don't celebrate together - boo. I'm pretty bummed out about not getting to see her this year, especially because we have a long history of partying hard and internationally that I would have liked to continue (even though I know we'll continue it next year).

Until the end of high school we were obviously celebrating locally, here in good old Cambridge, but starting college we've each year's special night in (chronologically) New York City (in the Empire State Building - because we are badasses like that), Montreal, Boston, Chicago, New York (again), and last year, in Rome. If I could have swung it, I definitely would have flown to Minneapolis to celebrate with her there this year (and adding another city to our list) but it's wasn't a realistic plan.

So now all I can do to not get too lonely for my Molly Moo tomorrow is reminisce about the good times we've had, imagine all those to come, and keep in mind that the last two new year's eves she spent with me were new year's eves not spent with her boyfriend, and so he deserves to spend it with her this year (you owe me one, Walter!).

So Molly, let's take a little stroll down memory lane, shall we?

1997: The year a great tradition started. When that you, me and Laura stole three bottles of champagne from my dad's party, went to drink it in the snow, and couldn't stop laughing for hours... (life was so much simpler when we were young!)

1999: When I had that insanely huge and out of control New Year's Bash at my dad's house, for which I thought it was imperative to have a black light set up in the living room (ahh, the joys of the 90s)

2002: When we spent New Year's Eve at "the apartment" and I'm pretty sure at one point you had a carrot in your pocket... 'nuff said.

2003: When we rung in the new year watching the fireworks from like the 50th floor of the Empire State Building. That was awesome. With the DJ's t-shirt: "black vinyl white powder" and whatever nonsense that was going on in the bathroom (and eventually got the party broken up) but went straight over our heads because we were 19 and oh-so-innocent.

2004: When you came to visit me in Montreal, and I slipped and slid down seven feet of black ice on my butt.

2005: When we were stuck in Boston, but ended up having a great time with Rose at the house party in Allston (which was unfortunately after it snowed about a foot on us while we were waiting for the bus... in mini skirts and open-toed shoes).

2006: When I came to visit you again in Chicago, and we party-hopped all night long. Then, thanks to my hangover, I had a cultural misunderstanding with the waitress at the Golden Nugget the next day.

2007: When you came to Rome and we had the most unbelievably random and awesome night ever - from partying with the Italian aristocracy (and posing for photos in front of their pair of original Andy Warhol Marilyn Monroe prints) to packing six people in a Fiat Panda and singing Queen at the tops of our lungs, to grunge-ing out with the punk rockers and their dogs at the 3 am concert.

2008: When we went back to New York and made it a night of Stoli Blue and Soda, while chatting up new friends outside the club. That was the night I discovered almost no one's American cell phone is set up for international calls, trying desperately to call my boyfriend in Italy.

I wish I had pictures of all of these wonderful evenings (I do of some, but I have too much respect for myself and Molly to post them online) so all of you could truly understand how amazing New Year's Eve can become when Molly and I get together and become a force of  nature to be reckoned with!

Alas, this year, New Year's Eve is about 24 hours away, and I don't even have plans yet. This is highly uncharacteristic of me (usually around now I would be making sure my shoes and accessories matched my chosen-a-month-in-advance party dress), but I actually don't really care that much. I'm actually considering spending the evening with *gasp* my mother (who, in her defense, is having a pretty awesome party).

At the risk of sounding maudlin and melancholy, I guess I don't really care because if it's not going to be an amazing night celebrating my my partner in good times, I guess it doesn't really have to be an amazing night at all....

Not that I won't accept be any last-minute invitations to awesome parties.... I'm not that melancholy.

Happy New Year Everyone!
Have a Wonderful Evening, and Be Safe!
Don't Drink and Drive! :)

 P.S. Oh! I almost forgot! The lovely Amy, of Ha ha.Wait.What? gave me an award today!

Apparently this award has no rules attached to it, so I'll just accept it graciously, and award it out when I see fit in the future. :) In the mean time, check out Amy's blog, she's hilarious!


my name is lauren. said...

how fun that you always celebrate with your friend! sounds like you guys have gotten into plenty of shenanigans together :). sad that you won't be able to hang out together this year, but i hope you find something fun to do anyway!

happy 2010 girly!

Julia said...

happy new year to you too!

De Lly Dilettante said...

Hey Julia,

Wishing you and yours a very happy new year!!

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