November 18, 2009

Weekly(ish) Photo Essay: Green Theme

So while you little brainstormers were hard at work thinking up awesome things for me to write about in future posts, I stumbled across a lovely blog, The Little Things We Do, and found my next idea.  A sort of color themed scavenger hunt, where you have to find seven things in your house of the chosen color, and post pictures of them. Lauren (of The Little Things We Do) suggested green, so I went with that (since it's also my favorite color!) This will also double as this week's photo essay (for a refresher, see my past photo essays here and here).

So here are the results of my search for green:

My Adorable Green Satin Flats

My Grandfather's (now mine) Old Pencil Box,
formerly a tin of caramels.

The Box where I Keep my Bracelets
(can you tell I like green and polka dots?)

My Shampoo and Conditioner

A Green Basket of Green Zucchini

Our Awesome 1970s Toaster

My father's Vintage Samsonite Suitcase

So those are the results of my green themed scavenger hunt. Now it's your turn. I challenge you to find seven things of the! And then post about it.

p.s. This has nothing to do with the Green Theme, but it was parked yesterday outside my office and I almost squealed with delight when I saw it. Isn't it adorable? My favorite pink! I want to give it a hug!

Oh Fiat 500, how I love you so!


my name is lauren. said...

your green things were way cuter than my blue things were. i'm completely loving the awesome suitcase and the pencil cool!

excited to read more of your blog - it's quite lovely from what i've seen thus far. so cool that you work for UNICEF. i love the blogging world and how you can meet (sort of) all these cool people you'd never have known otherwise.

Julia said...

thanks! but i was lucky you suggested green, i have a lot of green stuff. any other color and i would have been stumped! but you have a pretty sweet blog yourself! I'm fairly new to the blogging world (a couple of months) but I'm already loving it! so many interesting people!

Laura said...

I'm pretty sure the green zucchini in the green basket counts for two! :D

Ice Queen said...

I want those shoes! I'm so jealous even I'm turning green!

Allison said...

Love the green, and LOVE LOVE the pink vintage car!

BTW- your blog is adorable!

Julia said...

isn't the car just precious? I love those little fiat 500s. They're all over Rome - red, blue, white, black, teal, butter yellow, ochre - but I'd never seen pink before!

De Lly Dilettante said...

Love the pencil box and the toaster and the pink fiat!!!