November 17, 2009


When I signed up, I thought NaBloPoMo would be pretty hard. Coming up with something new every day? I thought it would be a real challenge. And then the first sixteen days flew by. They were a cake walk. Ideas were coming out left and right. But it was too good to be true, because low and behold, the creative juices stopped flowing.

Now it's day seventeen and I'm plum out of thoughts to share. Normally I start writing early in the day, or at least start working out my ideas about what I'm going to say. Today I kept putting it off, saying to myself, well, something will come to you eventually, do it later. But it's 10:00 pm and I'm not going to wait around until the last minute waiting for something not to come to me in the next two hours.

So I'm embracing my uninspiration, and using it as blog filler. I would let you blame me if I made a habit out it, but I think we both know that I've given you nothing but clever, inspired posts until now. (Ahem, I'm so amazing, I know. :) So let's both suck it up, and wait for tomorrow when hopefully I'll have something more interesting to say.

Or... I have a better idea... why don't I let you folks, my lovely, dedicated readers - all twenty of you (all of whom I love!) - decide what I should write about? Hit me up with some suggestions. Come on, we both know I can't do all the work here. This is a two way street. I want something to write, you want something to read... let's help each other out!

I won't expect you to give me all your (what will most likely be) amazing and creative suggestions by tomorrow, so why don't we agree that I'll take care of the next couple of posts, and you guys take that time to brainstorm a bit and throw some ideas around in the comments section, which I'll use (at my discretion) for the last ten days or so of NaBloPoMo (if they last that long), or until I'm back on my own two feet. And I'll obviously be giving credit where credit is due. Maybe I'll even finagle one of you into writing a guest post!

Alright. Gimme what you've got...

p.s. Maybe, maybe... if you guys are super good, I'll even do my first giveaway to thank you for all your awesome future ideas! But give me some time to think about what exactly I'd be giving away, since we're not exactly in sponsor heaven here, and when, since I categorically refuse to ever ship anything out of Italy again. And you're going to have to invite your friends to come and play. Doing a random number selection to pick a winner out of seven comments is just sad. Let's at least try to hit double digits? Everybody try leave me something. Remember, there's no such thing as a stupid idea.


amy said...

One of my go to ideas whenever I'm running dry is to post ten of my favorite things or ten things i want to buy next...

What are you Ten Must Haves??

PS. When hosting a giveaway, I recommend using Etsy so that way you can just pay for the product online and have them ship it directly to the winner and so you don't have to ship it from Italy. That's what I did. I found a cute purse and had the etsy seller ship it to my winner directly. Etsy is awesome!! You can find all kinds of cool things to use as a giveaway and some bloggers who have etsy sites will sponser a giveaway for free just so they can get free advertising on your blog. You should check out a Valerie's, who's blog I read every day, etsy site (

Julia said...

ooh good tip! I love love love etsy! and they have such adorable stuff. And that solves the shipping problem! good work brainstorming!

Laura said...

I love "letter to the editor" posts, such as...

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Dear Winter,

Drop dead.

{spitefully yours,}



Dear PMS,

You come around every month and F with my head. I am filing a restraining order against you. BACK THE HELL OFF! No one likes you.

{most sincerely,}


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

They can be about anything. Anything at all.

De Lly Dilettante said...

Hi. I love your blog posts, even when you say your uninspired :) Maybe you could write more about the Italians, their culture and their idiosyncrasies, and your experience / interpretation of it all.

Julia said...

Ooh you guys are good at this! Keep 'em coming!