November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving Envy

Before thursday I was all, "I don't need you, Thanksgiving. I have Spaghetti allo Scoglio. I have bruschetta. And Extra virgin olive oil. And pizza margherita. I'm in Italy. And you're not. Na na na na boo boo."

But after browsing through google reader and seeing everyone's amazing delicious-looking post-thanksgiving recaps, I'm feeling very strong thanksgiving-envy... and getting some pretty strong cravings for turkey and pumpkin pie. I might have to roast a chicken tonight, pretend it's a turkey, and make some pumpkin pie and mashed potatoes.

Dammit... I forgot I don't have an oven. And I certainly won't stoop to microwaving a chicken (if that's even possible).

Well, I give up... You win. I'm going out for sushi. Screw you, Thanksgiving. Maybe next year we can be friends again. But we'll have to see about that.

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classroomconfessions said...

I have Italy envy! Let's trade!
No, but seriously, I know it's probably hard to miss the stuff from back home. I am still insanely jealous of your living in Italy though ;)

Julia said...

ok, let's trade! I'm going back to boston in week. You can come take my place in italy!

Inspiration in Italy said...

I missed the family time but nope. Italian food still wins ;)