November 15, 2009

Sunday Thoughts on Battling a Jack Russell Terrier

So this morning I went over to Valerio's to make him and his brother lunch.

They wanted Gnocchi Gorgonzola, which frankly, I'm getting pretty tired of hearing about, but Valerio hadn't tried them yet, so I generously obliged.

Anyway, I was supposed to go over there and have a nice meal and a relaxing afternoon, but I barely even managed to finish cooking because I spent the entire time I was there battling with Spike, their seven month old Jack Russell.

Those little dogs are very cute, but man are they hyperactive. And this little bugger in particular is completely fixated with eating/destroying anything that isn't nailed down. Tug of war is his all time favorite game, and he will grab and start pulling anything. Like my feet, my socks, my slippers, my sweater, everyone else's feet, socks, and sweaters, the chairs, the table, the dishcloth. Everything.

They had been using a wooden spoon to give him little disciplinary whacks, and he ate that too.

Now it's just a wooden stick.

He steals the rolls of toilet paper out of the bathrooms, and leaves a trail of shredded chewed up mess leading to his sneaky little hiding spot, behind the TV or the armchair, or in the closet. Last weekend he even appropriated Valerio's suitcase as his personal lounge area, and brought back his toys (which include a rubber chicken and a gorilla with a banana) to chew on in there.

This is the sneaky bastard eating a newspaper in Valerio's suitcase
(which happens to be full of clean clothes).

But today he decided that I was his target. 

He's always particularly taken with anything that features bows, and unfortunately, I have quite a few pairs of flats with prominent bows (which he has almost destroyed) and a pair of house slippers, like knit flats, that have bows too. The person who thought bows should go on shoes will rue the day he decided that was a good idea.  

All day, I had a little dog hanging off my feet. If I was sitting, he was dragging my slippered feet away from me, biting my toes, if I was moving, he was hanging on for dear life, dragging around behind me, still trying to get that bow, if I was standing, he was weaving in and out between my ankles, making me trip constantly. 

And he just wouldn't learn. Not after about fifteen inadvertent kicks in the face (which is hard to avoid when you're walking with a dog attached to your foot), not after plenty of whacks with his wooden spoon turned stick, not after countless peace offerings with other, seemingly more attractive toys. Nope, today he was determined to get one of my bows. But the joke was on him when I put my boots back on. No bows there, sucker!


In other news, today Valerio planned an impromptu aperitivo in the park. Well, it's not really in the park, but at this adorable bar/cafe` that has a patio that gives on to a beautiful park. Today was a beautiful day, so hopefully in an hour or so it'll still be nice enough to sit outside and have a drink.

The whole thing started when Valerio called one of his friends to say he was stopping by for coffee (a typical Italian occurrence where you call your friend and say, hey, make some coffee, I'm coming over!), and somehow that turned into inviting fifteen  people out for an aperitivo across town, luckily near my house. I think now the actually number of people coming is a little more modest (not as many people as you'd think can make it out at the last minute on a Sunday evening), but I still think we'll have a jolly group. AND I get to see Maria! She is my elusive friend whom moving to Rome was supposed to help me see more, but whom I haven't seen in like six months because she goes to school across the country (stupid Rome doesn't have a veterinary program). Luckily, her sister is graduating tomorrow, so that got Maria back in town. I'll probably end up seeing her for only a couple of hours today, but it's better than nothing, since I probably won't see her again before I leave in three weeks.

Well, those are my Sunday thoughts. I hope they amused you.


مى said...

Aww his infatuation with bows is so cute! And hilarious! (:

I love your updates, they're so fresh and not boring. Great job. x

Julia said...

Thanks! and yes, he is precious. except when he's chewing my feet off!