November 23, 2009

Monday Musings

I'm feeling uninspired again. This NaBloPoMo is really taking it out of me. Some days I have ideas flowing out left and right, enough to write two posts in one day and then "delay-post" one of them (or whatever the expression is) and some days I feel like starting a blog was a stupid idea because I'm never going to have enough to say. Then that feeling quickly fades, because I always have something to say - but it's not always something nice - and you know what they say about when you don't have anything nice to say. (Yay! I just won the record for using "say" the most times in a single sentence!) And sometimes it's not necessarily something mean, but it's just not blog-worthy (like how I'm mad that it's cloudy and cold again). But it's okay. Today's crappy post is excusable because it's Monday, and every knows Mondays suck. A lot. And on Mondays  nothing should be fairly expected of you. Here it's not even four pm and I already get the feeling the sun is taking its leave, so you can't really blame me for lacking creative thoughts when the day has already decided to call it a day (haha I made a little joke!) and I haven't even left the house yet.

On the bright side, later I get to have a lesson with my two favorite little girls, and today we're learning about the body, so we're going to play body parts memory (which I totally designed, printed out, and pasted onto cardboard, and cut out myself - I know, I'm the awesomest English teacher there ever was), do the Hokey Pokey and sing "Head Shoulders Knees and Toes" (I know you guys are totally jealous of my afternoon) AND do some barbie coloring pages - because what better way is there to learn about the human body than by associating it with the extremely unrealistic proportions of America's favorite doll? Normally this would be a lesson from hell for me - singing and dancing when I haven't been drinking? -  but these little girls are very special, and they love love love doing English, so that makes it fun for me too. I wish I could remember all their witty/hilarious comments and share them with you, because these girls crack me up on a regular basis. But I'll settle for one. The other day the little one (who just turned three and already knows all the colors and can count to 20 in English!) informed me that because she was wearing underpants, she should get to use the scissors. I didn't really get the connection, until I realized she was explaining to me that because she wasn't in diapers anymore, and wearing big girl underpants, she was therefore a big girl who should get to use big girl scissors, and not those stupid plastic ones that don't cut anything. Unfortunately for her, despite her surprisingly logical argument (for a three year old), she still didn't get to use the big girl scissors, but mostly because her mom said she couldn't. I personally think that if a child that age is verbally coherent and logical enough to explain to you exactly why she's old enough to use the scissors, then she is old enough to use the scissors.


De Lly Dilettante said...

Lol your student is really the underpants logic. And I really hate it when the sun sets so early. It takes the mood out of everything.

my name is lauren. said...

i work with 3 year olds and they're the greatest. i totally sang the hokey pokey today with them :).

Julia said...

i know her logic is flawless, right?

the hokey pokey is awesome, they get all dizzy from "turning themselves around" and get all giggly - they don't really get the whole right and left thing though :)

J said...

This post totally reminded me of why I miss teaching english as a fl.