November 19, 2009

Love Letters: Earl Grey, Shoes, and Jammies

Combining Laura's suggestion that I write a "letter to the editor" type post, and my idea to express appreciation for certain main players in my life, I decided to start a semi-regular virtual mailing of love letters to my favorite things (mostly inanimate objects, but we'll have the occasional live one). And maybe one day, when I'm feeling particularly ranty, I'll start a series of hate mailings to the things that drive me crazy. But today I'm feeling positive, so let's spread some love.

Dear Earl Grey Tea,
Thank you for being there for me in the morning, when I'm out of it and incomprehensible. All I have to manage, in my catatonic morning stupor, is drop you in a mug with a little hot water, and your sweet aroma starts to gently caress me into a state of wakefulness. I love to steep you and watch the swirls of tea color the water. Paired with your best friends, milk and sugar, you are divine. The warm, soft flavor of your black tea base, with hints of tart Bergamot, is second to none, and you need nothing more than a simple croissant to help me start my day in a lovely mood. I hope our friendship will be a long one,
Your Morning Companion,

Dear High Heels,

I know you feel like I've been neglecting you. I used to wear you every day, matching you to a classy work outfit, and take you out on the town. Now you spend more time in the closet, lined up in little rows, than on the street, and for that I'm sorry. I miss you, and having you make my feet feel pretty. I know you're feeling a little jealous of Sneakers and Boots, but it's winter, and I work with children now. And for all your wonderful qualities, dear heels, working with children is not one of them. I risked it once, with Mary Jane Pumps, and they ended up smeared with finger paint. I doubt they'd want you to share their same fate (I had some trouble getting green paint off the heel). And it's cold now. Peep Toes, you are so lovely in the warm months, but standing outside in the cold other night, I was really thankful for Boots. I just wanted to say that I'm thinking of you all, and I hope to be able to take you out soon. Perhaps today, as it's sunny and I have no lessons with children, I'll pick a lucky pair of you to come to the UNICEF Conference with me.
I miss you dearly,

Dear Flannel Pyjamas,
You have no idea what I owe you. This new house is freezing! And because of my stingy roommates, we turn on the heat for a total of one hour before we go to sleep. It's warmer outside at night than it is in this ice house! But still, no heat. During the day, I manage with layers: tank top, long sleeved t-shirt, wool sweater, scarf (yes, often in the house too) but sleeping with layers is so uncomfortable! Which is why I love you, my warm, soft, red and white polka dotted Flannel Pyjamas. At night, I'm warm as toast (with the help of your good friend, Duvet), and in the cold, frosty mornings, you help me overcome my fear of getting out of bed. You and Furry Slippers make quite a pair, and I owe you my winter comfort. Yes, you sort of make me look like a giant strawberry, and yes, I've actually had dreams about being mortified in public, still dressed in you. But this isn't about looks; I love you for what you are, not what you look like (even though I happen to think red and white polka dots are pretty snazzy). And you are what helps me sleep at night. Excellent job, Flannel Pyjamas. Keep up the good work,
Your chilly night-time guest,


Laura said...

AAaaaawwww! I love it! It was a very sweet post. I look forward to more in the future!

my name is lauren. said...

you're kind of adorable. i think i may have to try this.

i love that you tucked your flannel pj's into bed! and...i completely empathize with you on the heels thing...i work with kids too which = no's actually in the staff handbook. lame, but practical.

Julia said...

thanks! stay tuned for the hate mail! i will definitely be giving some things a piece of my mind!

De Lly Dilettante said...

Great post. This is really a great idea!

Julie said...

I love this post...I especially enjoyed reading your letter to your high heels!
Am stopping by from the Blog Roll and Followers group on 20sb, and am so glad that I have done...your blog is lovely!

classroomconfessions said...

Oh! I need to read this to my heels too!
I used to wear heels all the time, and then 3 years ago I became a teacher... good-bye heels :(

I teach high school English, so I am not getting finger paint on them, but the 10+ hrs a day I spend on my feet does not condone wearing heels to work. I still try to rock them as much as I can on the weekends though :)