November 8, 2009

I Am...

I got this fun little pass-time from A Day In The Life. (I added a few to make it a decent length for a post)

I Am...

Reading… "The Elegance of the Hedgehog" by Muriel Barbery. Just started it, but I'm already loving the witty, intellectual concierge and 12-year-old stuck in a rich, snooty world they disdain.

Looking Forward To… The overwhelming sense of relief/satisfaction/relaxation/completion I'll feel when I submit my last grad school application.

Keeping… Warm, with socks, slippers and flannel jammies!

BakingAbsolutely The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies. Not right now, but I made a double batch yesterday at Valerio's house to bring to my twin cousins' birthday aperitivo. (Need I remind you I don't have a working oven here at home, and therefore cannot bake? Woe is me.)

Watching… Law and Order: SVU. I had a hankering for my college-days moments with Detectives Benson and Stabler.

Wishing…  Lorenzo good luck on handing in his thesis in three weeks and graduating in December!

Drinking… Fresh squeezed orange juice. And a cappuccino.

Eating… Two eggs, sunny side up, on buttered brown toast. Yeah yeah, I'm having breakfast for lunch. Don't you judge me, you've done it too.

Craving… A nice, long massage. In an spa. With some flickering candles and flute-y music.

Trying… To get my sleeping schedule back on track. Insomnia has not been my friend this week.

Making…  My bed. And folding my clothes. And cleaning my room. All fun things for a rainy Sunday.

Thinking of… All the delicious ethnic food (japanese/thai/indian/vietnamese) I'll be eating in Boston in a month, which is impossible to find in Rome (if you're looking for more than the minimum quality and less than the maximum price). 

Congratulating… Carmen (a friend of my cousins'), whose baby girl is due any day now!

Admiring…   The wonderful picture of a plum hanging on my wall, that my 4-year-old student drew for me.

Hoping…  For a little sunshine this week. Which I probably won't get. Weather forecast predicts a 10 degree drop and torrential rain all week. Scootering around under the rain is going to be fun!

What are you doing right now?


De Lly Dilettante said...

Ooo I'm hoping for sunshine too. It's always raining in Turin too.

Julia said...

I know! this is my third winter in italy, and it's done nothing but rain all three winters. And the irony? the first summer i moved here everyone was all, "oh yeah, winter is really mild and dry." mild and dry my ass - my 3 rain coats beg to differ.