November 3, 2009

The Halloween Update

Sorry it's taken so long to finally get this up (I know you all have been dying to know all about my awesome Halloween, of course) but here I am, finally. I'm sorry to disappoint, but I didn't get even one full Halloween shot of my costume (not even of one of my awesome polka dot tights!), and this is pretty much the only shot where I actually look like Little Red Riding Hood and not some red cape-wearing freak.

I know I don't have a basket,
but don't those cute little buns make up for it?

Our night started off as a total bust (waiting for over an hour in line in the cold because the stupid bouncers couldn't get organized - even though we were on a list), but improved when one of the people we were with (who the guy who built the place where the party was) made some calls and got us promptly escorted in past all the "check points" (yes, there were about 5 check points between the initial line and where the dancing actually started). But then it was a disaster to even get to the bar - another 20 minutes in line, during which I almost elbowed this girl in the face (believe me, she was so obnoxious she would have deserved it, even though public displays of violence are totally not my thing). But then some people finally started clearing out and the evening (or rather, early morning) picked up. I would put up more pictures, but I'm not really down with the whole posting photos of other people online without their permission.

Anyway, so that's the Halloween story. Not as exciting and wonderful as it could have been, but certainly not as much of a disappointment as it was leading up to be.

But don't leave yet, 'cause I have wonderful things planned for later!

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